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Ferrari. The most powerful brand in the world, synonymous with speed, luxury and wealth. For me, when you say Ferrari, I think of some of the most beautiful cars ever designed, by legends like Sergio Scaglietti and Pininfarina, cars like the 250 GTO, 250 GT California and the 288 GTO to name just a few.

The 488 is beautiful beyond belief, with its fine lines, arguably it is comparable to Helen of Troy! This is for sure one of the all-time greats. The very last naturally aspirated V8 that Ferrari will ever produce, it is arguably Ferraris greatest achievement and an experience that will stay with you forever.

Vehicle Stats

"Designed by Michelangelo, engineered by Da Vinci. It truly is a masterpiece."

Vehicle - Ferrari 488

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Torque -

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Transmission - Semi Automatic

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Great experience in this super fast car, made even better by the instructor Ed !

Steve Harvey

Thanks for a great day driving 3 different cars, thank you Barry to let me drive the ferrari 458 , I will be back.

mansel rees

Thank you for an amazing experience. Driving 4 Ferraris' was so enthralling, the Italia was the final car and wow it was impressive. I could have driven it all day.The instructors were all friendly and made me feel special which added to the enjoyment.

Madeleine Maguire

Wow!!! OMG, what a car. The best car I've ever driven. Fell in love with it after 2 laps. Lol. Sticks like glue and goes like hell. I was slightly out of breath and my adrenaline was pumping after just 3 laps. Barry, the instructor was fabulous. Made me feel comfortable straight away. Gave great advice to get the most out of the car. Savage, yet smooth, acceleration like nothing I've experienced before. Would definitely recommend the Ferrari 458.

Michael malbon

Barry in the Ferrari 458 was absolutely superb today! So much so that I ended up doing 12 laps with him, his instruction was precise/confidence inspring and he really did make my day memorable. Cheers guys, the service was excellent all round and we will definitely be back. PS the hot lap driver in the loafers is an Animal.

Liam Stimpson

Excellent Ferrari experience day at 3 Sisters. Very slick operation with experienced and knowledgeable instructors. Special mention and thanks to Dan in the 360. Highlight of the day was the 458 with Barry - I bought extra laps and could have driven that car all day and then taken it home!


Brilliant experience from start to finish. Well organised and instructors were really good and friendly. Would highly recommend.


It was a great day and a dream that came true driving the Ferrari 458. Barry, the instructor was amazing, and would highly recommend you drive with him.

Levente Paizs

Brilliant day, enjoyed driving the Ferrari 458 to the max. The instructor was great. Can't wait to do it again soon.

Paul Headington

Brilliant afternoons driving at Three Sisters 20/6/21. 3rd time with Car Chase Heroes and have never been disappointed. Originally booked Lamborghini Spyder & Furious GTR 6 laps in each. However Spyder not available on the day, no problem & replaced with Ferrari 458 Italia, and increased to 12 laps in each car. No regrets with that choice. Fantastic drive with Barry P and thanks to his instruction had a great experience. Also thanks to Joules in the GTR, absolutely fantastic drive. Can't wait to do again.

Martin Davies

Thank you Car Chase Heroes for such an amazing day at Tibenham on 07/05/21. I have never driven a fast car before and have never been on a circuit either. All the staff were brilliant. I had a sighting lap in a Subaru before going out in the 458. The Ferrari surpassed my expectations and I had such a great time. Racing through the gears - the SPEED - the sound! Just awesome. My instructor said the Mclaren 570 was faster so I had a go in that too. When the twin turbos kicked in the McLaren was like a rocket - great fun! I finished my track day with two laps as a passenger in a Atom and my driver Rick (from Liverpool ) showed me how to really drive a car fast - out braking the McLaren and catching up with the Lamborghini! On my way home I had a huge smile on my face and thats what its all about. Now I cant stop talking about it :)

Jonathan Bond

What a car. Everything I had hoped for - no flash interiors, just pure fun and great guidance from the instructor. Wish the straights were a bit longer!


If you drive one car in your lifetime this is the car to drive currently, the chassis is sublime like nothing I ever felt before, the feedback the car gives you through the steering wheel is like a super fast Go-Kart wrapped in a beautiful body with the most beautiful sounding engine I ever heard. Your first lap will no doubt be tentative as the response to your input is so sharp and visceral, by the second lap you will start to feel at one with the car, it reacts immediately with supreme precision to every input you make. Driving this car was an absolute joy, it is a memory you surely will never forget.

Marcus Reynolds

Drove 4 cars 2 laps each and a sighting lap, Skyline, 458, Shelby Mustang and the Huracan. A day out I will cherish for the rest of my life, an amazing experience. The Car Chase Heroes Team are fantastic, very helpful, patient and highly skilled drivers in their own right. Mere mortals like me can only dream of driving these super cars and Car Chase Heroes make your dreams come true.

Iain Lagden

Never driven a car like this but the instructor made me at ease with the emphasis of safety and guiding me round properly. This is a beast of a vehicle and it needs respect but it delivers a great experience that I won't forget.


Well organised, friendly people. Traffic can be a problem, unlucky, not for me but my friend got caught up in some. If you've never burried the peddle in to the metal in a Ferrari 458, book now, it was fantastic and safe. The instructors were really cool and professional. I did the black Friday 3 cars for £75 but i did extra laps in the 458 and the Atom but it was worth every penny, a tenner a lap.

Richard Turner

Spent the day at Bovington today . What an experience I chose 4 cars and loved every moment. The guys are great really friendly , they put you at ease straight away in the car and build your confidence. Thanks for a great day , I will be back

Del Wilson

What a day!! Very professional and a great range of cars... i will be returning to try the cars i never managed to on the day.

Steve Roberts

We came along on 25th November 2018 and had a fantastic day. All the staff were really friendly and helpful. My boyfriend had a brilliant day that he will remember forever. The information before hand told us everything we needed so we were very prepared. I had a big coat and brought a chair. Had a nice cuppa whilst waiting and the photo package is great too. Would deffo reccomend and think its brilliant that kids over 10 can drive. All round brilliant day, not cheap but very worth while.

Maria Horan

I have had the experience of a lifetime at car Car Chase Heroes. I have have COPD and as soon as the great people there realised I had an oxygen machine with me I seemed to get preferential treatment. I am used to driving and riding powerful machines, but that Ferrari 458 Italia was awesome. Thank you so much to everyone involved

Frank Robinson

Fabulous machine to drive with a really brilliant instructor. Oodles of fun I can see why people rave about this car. Loads of power which can be poured onto the track to bring a large grin to the face.

Barry Mellish