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The Car

The production version of the GT-R debuted at the 2007 Tokyo Motor show and since then it has taken the world by storm.

What they have produced with the R35 is incredible, almost out of this world. Everything designed to be perfect and harmonious in every way. But let’s not forget, this is no ordinary supercar, this was produced to make cars like the Ferrari 458 look like a Fiat Panda in comparison.

It’s a car that's built in a hermetically sealed factory and has tyres full of nitrogen because normal air is too unpredictable! It uses an engine that’s built by one man and is mounted out of kilter to the transmission so that when you accelerate and the torque causes it to rock backwards, all is in perfect harmony. 

Our Fast and Furious styled GTR has had a healthy upgrade of modifications including a lightweight Liberty Walk wide arch bodykit, canards and wings, a custom air-ride kit and an engine tuned to 675bhp. This is the ultimate Fast and Furious experience!

Vehicle Stats

"It's not a 5 star car, this. It's THE 5 star car..." Jeremy Clarkson

Vehicle - Nissan GT-R 'Liberty Walk'

Power Unit - 3.8L V6 Twin Turbocharged

Horsepower - 675 bhp

Torque - 615 lb. -ft

0 - 60mph - 2.5 Seconds

Top Speed - 203 mph

Transmission - Semi Automatic

Made Famous By - The car has appeared in many of the Fast and Furious film's


This was the best of the 4 cars I drove at Abingdon airfield, by a short head! Damien Love was brilliant as my " co pilot " & encouraged me to get the most possible out of the car.

Martin Legg

What a lovely team we came today with a child with disabilities in wheel chair all staff we so understanding and checked in on us at all times kept him well informed ,even though they were super busy,my son didn’t want to go around track they took there time and even offered another car,they were so good with him and very patient.very well organised


Fantastic day in all cars driven but saved the best until last Furious GTR with John, really got up at it hitting some great speeds and feeling safe throughout what an experience. WOULD RECOMMEND

Tom Oswell

Did 3 laps today at castle combe was absolutely brilliant. John made the experience the best from the passenger seat with helpful tips etc he really made the experience a lot better! Will come again.

Bradley Laver

My wife drove the truck and a month later I had a driving experience in the Furious Gtr the Lamborghini hurricane, Maclaren. And Ferrari California. All drivers fantastic and helped me enjoy the day thanks. Duncan, Tony,Sami and Rory.

Matthew Watt

Driving this car totally made my day. Drove it like I stole it. My instructor Duncan was spot on. Informative, encouraging and very knowledgeable. I wasn’t rushed in or out of the car which was immensely powerful and soooo fast. Great day!

Robin James

Absolutely brilliant day , thanks to all the team really well organised and omg the cars, you made an petrol head very happy

Phillip Streets

Had an amazing experience at the 3 Sisters track a couple of weeks ago..(I really don't do reviews, however its been on my mind since then) I didn't know really know what to expect out of my experience which was a Christmas present. All the staff were really helpful and very well organised. My main event was laps in a Nissan GT-R which is my dream car which I have never driven before. I have to give a huge shout out to my instructor Emily who was amazing!!!!!! She really made my day

Andrew Knott

Spoke to staff today if I had found the big boss would have said… I brought my fostered 13 year to drive the gtr and Lamborghini today and WOW! Your cars are amazing and the staff particularly drivers were brilliant! Such an amazing exp for this young man it meant the world to offer him this experience. A real confidence boost! Thank you


Spoke to staff today if I had found the big boss would have said… I brought my fostered 13 year to drive the gtr and Lamborghini today and WOW! Your cars are amazing and the staff particularly drivers were brilliant! Such an amazing exp for this young man it meant the world to offer him this experience. A real confidence boost! Thank you


Excellent track day with so many choices of cars, just finished a 6 car drive & left with a big smile on my face, Thankyou to the Carchase Heroes team from start to finish. Special mention to Matt, Chris Dodd & Edgardo Thankyou. See you soon

Clive winslade

See Review on Ferrari 458 Italia. Great afternoon at Three Sisters. Fantastic car couldn't have been better.

Martin Davies

Had such a good day at Dunsfold on 13/8/2019! Thanks to Taylor for taking me out in the GTR, amazing car so much fun! Would definitely recommend!

Louise Finch

Fantastic day at Dunsfold 13/08/2019 The cars were great, really helpful staff and thank you to Taylor and Adam for helping me enjoy the day! Would definitely recommend!


I drove the Beast GTR Nismo on Friday 28/06/2019 on Three Sisters Race Circuit in Wigan. I can say that GTR Nismo is one of the best cars in the World.So powerful and stable on the track. Everything was very well organised .All the staff and instructors are friendly and professionals . i would like to thank to my instructor Mathew,who explained me everything about this car. Thank you guys to all of you for my great experience .

Bontscho Bonev

Could not believe just how much power the car had. Soon as you put your foot down the power was there so fats and the grip...….. the instructor was telling me to keep my foot down when going into a corner and it will stick like glue, wow he was not wrong. The trust the instructors have in the cars is unreal. Great instructors, very welcoming and so down to earth and you can have such a good chat with them, like its just a normal weekend drive.


Wow!!! What an awesome piece of Japanese engineering the Nissan GT-R NISMO is!! It might not be aesthetically pleasing as a Ferrari 458 Italia but it’ll have no problems passing it in a straight line head to head! The Nissan GT-R NISMO is very comfortable to drive & it’ll certainly not disappoint you. The only thing I didn’t like was having to use the paddle shift gearbox & accidentally knock on the windscreen washers at a crazy speed down the main straight. A fantastic car & not one for the faint hearted.


This day was such an amazing experience. The happiest day of my life so far. Very good car and instructor on Furious GTR was very good. Great guidance and help in confidence building. I will definitely do this again.

Octavian A

Really great time driving the Nissan GT-R! It was amazing to drive, very easy changing up and down through the gears, the instructor was great. A really helpful guy who put you at ease and told you everything you needed to know about the car.


£10 a lap on the day, used it before my escort experience. Very quick acceleration and very easy to drive with the paddle shifts. First time driving an automatic but got the hang of it straight away thanks to the very helpful instructor, the only thing is the breifing is just going through all car spec, would be nicer to hear about safety instead of a sales pitch, this didn’t have a negative effect on the day, brilliant experience and will return again for a third day

Nathan brickwood

I was meant to drive the GT 500 but it broke down that morning so my girls said drive the furious one, This was the most amazing car to drive I have never driven with paddles before but I loved it so much I had an extra 3 Laps, Barry was such a great instructor, I’m an so in love


Brilliant Day, will go again!! Great staff who make you feel welcome and have the same enthusiasm you do for cars. They are extremely knowledgeable and the instructors are full qualified race instructors and professional race drivers themselves who are experienced are reading a customer's ability and will encourage you to push yourself and the car when safe and able. The cars are dreams on wheels and if you pick the newer faster cars you will probably drive faster than ever before unless you have previously done track days or race days. I have before but still have never experienced speed like the Nissan GTR and others were giddy after exiting the Toyota supra. The mustang Gt500 was my dream car and it didn't disappoint. While slightly slower than the newest cars and it is restricted at the top end to understandabley protect the car from overzealous drivers I was aloud to drive it like a race car and throw it in to corners, shift gears at will and was left with a feeling of thorough satisfaction at the end of my drive. The Ariel Atom high speed passenger lap left me breathless. Thankfully It feels like they care more about your experience and satisfaction than ultimately protecting the cars as they only restrict the older cars at top end (some to top gear) and aslong as you are safe ish you can really let loose on the straights and on the long curve. You can add extra laps and extra cars and get in car videos and external pictures which you can view at the end but with no obligation to buy. Nice clean relatively inexpensive Burger and tea van on site with good standard selection of burgers, sausage, bacon egg in buns but only mushrooms sold separately for vegetarians. No obvious restrictions on pack lunches or own drinks. Basic portaloos but they were clean and not smelly. The Gt40 is for super enthusiasts only. While being an amasing old car to look at and hear, it is extremely restricted and difficult to drive, so left me underwelmed (others said the same) but I was aloud to drive another car (the Nissan Gtr, OMG) which more than made up for it. I only mention this so others who might not be so lucky to drive multiple cars at other tracks don't pin their hopes on this car alone. You must dream of this car to make it worth picking it to drive. Also the video system is temperamental and I didn't get all of my atom video and most of my gtr drive, but I didn't check properly at the venue thru my own lack of time. Take time to fully check videos before you purchase them. The photos were all good. You will get one very good photo for sure.