Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

All of our cars are fully insured against any accidental damage, however our insurance policy excess is £5,000.

If anything happens to the vehicle you are driving, whether it be your fault or not, you will be responsible for covering up to the first £5,000 of ANY damage caused to the vehicle you are driving.

If you do not want this risk, we offer a damage waiver of £25, this covers you for the whole day on all cars driven and reduces your risk to £0, whatever happens. This does not cover you if the damage caused is due to careless, deliberate or reckless behavior but does cover all/any accidental damage.

If you do not take the damage waiver option then we require a credit card as deposit before you will be allowed to drive, as long as there is no damaged caused the details are destroyed, however if any damage is caused your card WILL BE CHARGED and you are agreeing to this by choosing to opt out of the damage waiver.

If you require any more information on this, then please get in touch.