Are all cars available?

Yes, but all cars are not available on all days. Cars need maintenance and some have other racing commitments so always check your desired car is available on your chosen date. As we have a lot of older vehicles in the fleet, sometimes mechanical failures can happen last minute or on the day, out of our control. If this was to happen then you will have the option of alternative vehicles to drive on the day. 

Please be aware that with experiences in the GT40, the intructor does help assist with the gear changes whilst you are driving in order to increase your enjoyment and minimise your risk whilst out in the car. This vehicle is very easy to change into the wrong gear accidently which unforutnately can cause a lot of damage to the vehilce, so please do bear this in mind when choosing this partiuclar vehicle.

Are the cars insured?

Yes, but there is a £5,000 damage excess that is payable by the driver if the vehicle they are driving is damaged in any way whilst they are behind the wheel. You can cover yourself against this excess payment with an optional £25 damage waiver (available in extras or on the day). This is a non-refundable payment. If you do not decide to take the damage waiver we do have to take credit card details on arrival. These details are destroyed at the end of an event if no damage is caused and no charges will be made. Please ensure you bring a credit card on the day if you are opting out of the damage waiver. This must be a card with a minimum £5000 limit. Please note our payment systems do not accept American Express I am afraid. The damage waiver protects the driver against the £5,000 excess. Please note that there will be other drivers out on track at the same time as you. 

Are there always instructors in the cars?

Yes, there is a driving instructor sat in car with you at all times out on track.

Are your cars the real ones?

No, our cars are very close to the originals used in the Films but, with the exception of General Lee, they are replicas of the movie cars. The GT40 is a replica built by Superperformance not a real Ford GT40.

Can I bring guests?

You are welcome to bring friends and relatives to share your experience. Also we normally have space for them to get involved with a High Speed Passenger Ride or experience of their own if they fancy it on the day.

Can I drive without a licence?

Yes, drivers can be as young as 10 years old, providing they can reach the pedals with the padding we provide. All of our instructors are ARDS qualified and Police checked. We are unable to allow non licence holders to drive at the Castle Combe venue.

Cars you can drive without a licence are listed below:

Porsche Boxster (Porsche Race Car)



Mustang GT (Roush Mustang)

Aston Martin

Audi R8

Bumblebee (Camaro ZL1)

"Speed" Mustang

Pontiac Firebird


Lamborghini Gallardo

Mitsubishi Eclipse


Can I drive your cars on the road?

Some of our cars are available for weekend / event hire. Please get in contact for details.

Can I upgrade my package / voucher?

Yes, please contact us with your requirements.

Do all cars run in the rain?

Yes, we run our events in all weathers unless it is deemed so extreme that is unsafe to be on track. 

Do cars have traction control?

Some do, some don’t. A lot of our muscle / race cars don’t so you need to be careful with the throttle in some of the monsters!

Do I have to drive quickly?

Not at all, our instructors will help you enjoy the drive however you would like to.

How fast can I go?

As fast as you like! Our expert racing instructors will help show you the fastest, safest way around the circuit. It is worth noting though that some of these cars are 50 years old and cannot be driven in the same manner as modern super cars. Please note that a lot of our venues are airfields and cars have to be driven to the track capability as well as the cars capability. There will be multiple cars out on track at the same time.

What tracks are available?

At the moment we run at Blyton Park in North Lincoln, Abingdon in Oxford, Bicester in Oxford, Tockwith in York, Perranporth in Newquay (One weekend a year), Bruntingthorpe in Leicestershire and we are looking for a new track to take over from Bentwaters in Ipswich. We have recently added 3 Sisters in Wigan and Stoneleigh in Coventry for 2019. Blyton Park is £25 extra on a weekend day from 2018, payable at the time of booking.

At these venues, each lap is approximately 1 mile long for our driving experiences. 

Please note the following information for our premium circuits - Castle Combe and Dunsfold and Blyton Park.

Dunsfold (Top Gear) - £35 upgrade for circuit (Price increase from January 2019 due to the venue increasing its track fees).  Please note that this circuit is 2 miles long rather than 1 mile long, so a 3 mile experience will consist of 2 laps and a 6 mile experience will be 3 laps.

Castle Combe - £25 upgrade and Full Licence Holders only at this venue. Please note that this circuit is 2 miles long rather than 1 mile long, so a 3 mile experience will consist of 2 laps and a 6 mile experience will be 3 laps.

Blyton Park - £25 to upgrade for weekend dates, . At this circuit, we often use the long circuit to enhance your experience where we can, which is 2 miles long rather than 1 mile long, so a 3 mile experience will consist of 2 laps and a 6 mile experience will be 3 laps.

Please note that Lorry/Truck experiences are not avalable at our Bicester location.

BENTWATERS PARK IMPORTANT INFORMATION - We are no longer able to run at this venue and are currently in the process of sourcing a new venue in this area. As soon as we have an alternative confirmed we shall update the website with this added venue. 

Any BUY A GIFT customers who do not hold a week round voucher will have a £25 weekend fee surcharge applied at the time of booking if requesting a weekend date. 

How do the timings on the day work? 

We advise customers to book all vehicles onto the same session start time, for example if you have a 4 car voucher and you are choosing the 10.30am session, please select 10.30am for all your vehicles. If you have more than 4 cars to drive, please split this over two consecutive session start times. This is your session start time, and will not be the time you drive your vehciles. Please be aware that you will need to allow up to 3 hours at the venue from your session start time for your experience. 

Refund Policy

Once a voucher has been used or date booked a cash refund will not be available, in the event of a car or event becoming unavailable due to no fault of the customer then a suitable replacement or date will be offered. Customers are free to move the date of their experience, when possible, no later than 7 days before the event booked, after this an admin fee of £29.00 per car will be charged for any changes needed. Please note our office is closed over weekends, so please take this into consideration

What if I have a query or problem on the day

Whilst we try our best to make sure all customers have the best time they can, we can appreciate sometimes issues can arise. If you do have any problems or issues on the day of your event, this MUST be addressed and brought up with a senior member of staff at the venue before you leave your event. We will be more than happy to help in any way possible. Once you have left the event there is nothing that can be done. 

What currency do you accept?

GBP is the only currency we accept


What are the office opening hours?

9am - 5.30pm Monday to Fridays. There will be occasional days we are not in the office during weekdays. These will be dates which coinside with our event dates on our calendar of events as we will be on location. 


Can I bring dogs to the event?

 Unfortunately not I am afraid.


What is the full company name and address?

Blendini MS Limited,
trading as Car Chase Heroes,
VAT no – 209704708,
Company Reg – 09330016,
Unit 5
Edwards Business Park
CF72 8YU