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Camaro ZL1 'Bumblebee'

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The Car

The Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 is the most powerful production Camaro ever built. 

The four-seat, rear-drive muscle car is a tribute to the rare 1969 Camaro ZL1, a lightened, high-performance version geared towards the drag strip, where many owners enjoyed pushing their Chevrolets to the limit. This for me is one of my favourite cars and without a shadow of a doubt one of the most impressive muscle cars ever built.

0 to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds and a car that went around the Nürburgring in 7 minutes 41 Seconds and just to give you guys an idea of how good that was faster than a Porsche 911 GT3, Lamborghini Murcielago LP670 Super Veloce and a Pagani Zonda S!! They say muscle doesn't handle.....HA! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

A movie star in its own right, the Camaro was the character Bumblebee in the Transformer Movie franchise. So, if you are a muscle car fan, movie fan or you simply have an appreciation for really great car's, the experience of driving the ZL1 will be a highlight you never forget!

Vehicle Stats

"Did you just say muscle cars can't handle? A Camaro just spanked a Porsche GT3 around the Nurburgring. How do you like those apples!"

Vehicle - Camaro ZL1

Power Unit - 6.2L V8 Supercharged

Horsepower - 600 bhp

Torque - 556 lb. -ft

0 - 60mph - 3.8 Seconds

Top Speed - 180 mph

Transmission - LHD Auto

Made Famous By - Used as the character Bumblebee in the Transformers movie franchise.


Lovely experience, all 3 cars I drove (Camaro Bumblebee, Nissan GTR and Mclaren 720) were all fantastic, beautiful cars, but the tester laps to start (which was only 1 lap) not worth the extra money and the high speed lap in a BMW 330i also not really worth, I was under the impression I was gonna have that experience in a supercar.. Maybe that was my misunderstanding. Otherwise great day.


I loved every moment of driving the Camero. It very quickly became my favourite car of the day.


Booked my 8 year old boy a special treat through Track Days for a Triple Super Car High Speed blast passenger ride. It was through Car Chase Heroes at Three Sisters in Wigan. He got to ride in ZL1 Bumblebee, Speed Mustang and Audi R8 V10. He throughly had a blast. Car Chase Heroes were absolutely brilliant and I cannot recommend them enough to anyone looking for a driving experience. Totally professional, the customer service was excellent, their organising was second to none. Everything worked like clockwork. I was surprised by how prepared and quick they got everything moving. We were not hanging around all day. All drivers, pit team were excellent with our child and he had a fantastic day out. The only thing he didn't like was the fact that it was over so quick! 10/10 for everything on the day. He can't wait to come back and I look forward to giving Car Chase Heroes my business again in future. Keep up the excellent work!

Muir Moyles

This experience was a gift for our 10 yr old son. He was so excited on the day and even added a second car on the Lamborghini spyder, he did the spotting lap to start with to give him a feel for the track, as this was the first time he had done anything like this, after the lap his anxiety took hold (something he does suffer with) but the guys were amazing with him, Shane and Damian took him to see the car he would be driving and explained everything to him and took it all at his pace, nothing was too much trouble!! Damian was his driving instructor in Bumblebee but made sure he could also go with him in the other cars just so he was at ease. Our son absolutely loved the day and wants to go back and do more. Highly recommend these guys.

Laura Haynes

Phenomenal car! Awesome power and a lovely smooth drive! You won’t be disappointed in the bumblebee


Amazing experience driving the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. The instructor was great, really helped to put you at ease and tell you exactly when to speed up, slow down etc. Coming around on the second lap was much better thanks to this. Definitely one of the best available to drive out of the options!


50th birthday present for the wife, she drove bumblebee, dom’s charger and roush mustang, fantastic experience made all the better by the professionalism of all the staff. Driven in the ariel atom and was smiling our whole 100mile journey home. Would recommend to anyone. Great job carchase heros

Pete Smith

Got this as a birthday present, unfortunately the car was unable to be used due to mechanical faults...which happens! But the staff were very helpful with helping me chose another car. I got the chance to drive my dream car and that's the Camero, And I loved it, every second of it. I will be returning! Staff were friendly, always smiling. Happy to meet them


I drove this car in Castle Combe circuit for 2 laps after driving an Audi R8 V10 plus. My lady instructor told me that this car is totally different to the Audi as it is rear wheel drive. The car is also left hand drive and manual. As the track was wet she told me just gently accelerate when the car goes straight otherwise it will spin. So I went a bit more careful with this car, than with the Audi. The lady instructor was very good, I enjoyed driving this car. She didn't hold me back at all, I could go as fast as I felt safe at the wet conditions. Thank you Car Chase Heroes to get this lovely experience.


Perranporth in the wet , they tried to give us cover but the rain came down sideways However drove the cars age by far the best experience I had was with Dave in bumblebee. Made me feel at home And I giggled as he helped me drive faster than I thought I could Such humour and great coaching made my day Great experience and will do it again


Arrived not interested in driving any of the modern stuff but saw it pass me few times and loved to look of it. Took it out and wow it has some power. I still prefer the classic muscle but for speed and comfort this thing is a beast.


I attended the Tockwith track on the 17th March and I couldn't recommend this company more. I drove the Corvette, Bumblebee, and R8, and also had a high-speed passenger ride. The Bumblebee was a left-hand drive but still so easy to drive: smooth and effortlessly powerful. The range of cars available was really good, with the lack of facilities at the site the only down side, but we knew about this in advance. All the staff were so friendly and helpful despite the freezing cold. I asked for a few things to be altered and my slots got moved around a bit but they were all so accommodating and absolutely just wanted everyone to have a good time. All the instructors were helpful and friendly and let you go at your own pace, only issue was with the Tockwith track getting stuck behind slow cars but all the instructors handled it really well and it all seemed really professional. I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone, perfect for a birthday/christmas present.


Birthday present bought for my dad, 4 car experience. He had an absolutely brilliant time driving all the cars. But we were let down at the end when we went to purchase the videos and pictures as the videos were encrypted so we're unable able to be viewed. Put a bit of a downer on the whole experience.


My wife bought my a voucher for Christmas to drive an American muscle car. I chose to drive the Bumblebee and I'm so glad a did, awesome power and handles very well for a big American car. Well worth a drive of this one. Thanks guys and also to the instructor Josh, even gave me 98/100.

Andy Batchelor

I bought a 2 car experience for my fiance as a birthday present who loves fast cars. I chose the Bumblebee and the Corvette not realising that with him having such long legs it would be difficult getting into the Corvette over the roll bars, and it was even worse getting out backwards, oops!! We chose the Kemble event as it is close to where we live and arrived not knowing how it was going to work. It was very well organised and really felt sorry for everyone working out in the December cold, although most didn't seem to mind and everyone was smiling regardless. Even though it was well organised, we did find that the ladies calling out the drivers names for their driving experiences could have done with a small PA system or even a megaphone (can't imagine what there voices are like the day after). Thanks to everyone for such a great time, it looks like everyone had great fun!!! We will be back again but more likely on a warmer day!


I booked this for my son who had literally just turned 12 & a big car & Transformers fan, he was booked to drive both Barricade & Bumblebee. I felt slightly nervous but I needn't of! The girls running the pit lane were fantastic and all of the instructors (he actually drove 4 cars including Audi R8 & Nissan Skyline) were kind and welcoming to him, praising him & making him feel a fantastic driver! Had the sighting lap but afterwards said he needn't of as instructors very helpful. Track photos & videos excellent, just cannot recommend this highly enough. We'll definitely be back!

Pip Cook

got bumble bee and a passenger ride in barricade the day was fantastic staff could not do enough to help my wife has mobility issues and helped her pick a passenger ride to suite her needs instructor was helpful and professional and very understanding and put me at ease will defently use them again well done guys and girls


My dad loved today he enjoyed it he found the staff helpful Thanks Car chase hero


My dad loved today he enjoyed it he found the staff helpful Thanks Car chase hero


I was bought a Virgin Experience voucher for a triple American muscle car experience by my wife for Christmas. Redeeming the voucher and booking the date for my experience was relatively easy. There was a large choice of venues, dates and classic as well as modern cars to choose from. I chose the Camaro SS, Corvette Stingray and Camaro ZL (Bumble Bee, from transformers). Communication with Car Chase heroes was excellent and they answered all emails and phone communication promptly. We arrived late on the day, due to traffic problems but the organisers rearranged my time-slots so I didn't miss out. The venue was busier than I was expecting but was well organised, with basic facilities (portaloos and burger van). After the safety briefing we were given an optional sight-seeing tour of the track with a professional driver to ensure we got the best out of our laps - there was an additional £10 charge for this, but it was worth the extra money. The track was a reasonable sized oval and allowed for a reasonable speed to be attained, although some of the older classic cars wouldn't allow for outrageously fast laps. As with all older cars, they are prone to mechanical failures and a couple of the cars were unavailable on the day but I was offered a different car as a replacement for the Stingray and chose the Mustang Shelby GT500 - I wasn't disappointed! The Camaro ZL was a great, modern muscle car with a V8 6.3 litre supercharged engine that went like the clappers. OK - it is not a huge track so you can't max the cars, but it is large enough to get the adrenaline flowing. The instructors were great and pointed out the foibles of some of the older cars and how to get the best out of them. The only frustration for me was that "junior" drivers are allowed on the track at the same time as adult drivers and it was a little frustrating being stuck behind a 10 year old cruising around the track in an Audi R8.... Maybe consider junior-only days? I think it is great they are offered the opportunity, though. I would definitely recommend this experience to American car enthusiasts and petrol heads that will never be able to afford one of these beasts. Hope to come back one day...........

Bruce Kerr

Had a brilliant day at Tockwith. Well organised and the instructors were fantastic. Could've spent a fortune trying all the different cars! Would love to do it again. Thanks!

Paul Van-Heerden

I wanted to say a very big thank you for the fantastic drive my son had at Barton Stacey in the Camero. He is 14 and was cooly anxious however, the escort in the car was such a pro that it put him totally at ease and he had the drive of his life!! I would thoroughly recommend Car Chase Heroes - my son wants a job and I would like the cute yellow car (or was that cute driver?). Thank you to a fantastic and extremely well organised experience. Well done to a great team. Gotta say the girl on the gate was excellent too. Emma and Charlie Bedford

Emma Bedford

Amazing afternoon at Throckmorton today. The team made my sons dreams come true by upgrading to bumblebee! The whole team were so patient, kind and understanding of his autism and anxiety which meant he came away feeling on top of the world! The video and photos are priceless! Thankyou so much especially David, Tom, Jack and his instructor x

Rebecca Price