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The AC Cobra, sold as the Shelby Cobra in the United States, is an Anglo-American sports car with a Ford V8 engine, produced intermittently in both the UK and the US since 1962. The Mark III production began on January 1st 1965. The car was designed in cooperation with Ford in Detroit. The "side oiler" Ford 427 engine was dropped in the bay and rated at 425 bhp. Today original examples of this car fetch upwards of £1.5 million pounds

Our Re-production has come all the way from America, being built to exact specifications of the original. For the more modern times though, we have put in a rip roaring 5.0 V8 engine from the current Mustang GT. The sound though is unmistakable, it's tone and thunderous roar, vibrates through the body like you have been hit by a bolt of lightning.

Seen in many films inlcuding Iron Man as one of Tony Starks many exclusive cars, this car is a true icon and this is your chance to experience driving it!

Vehicle Stats

"Predictably enough, starting it results in a sinister, wet rumble - it’s like revving a T-Rex’s digestive tract".

Vehicle - 1965 Shelby Cobra 427 Reproduction

Power Unit - 5.0L V8

Horsepower - 435 bhp

Torque - 400 lb. -ft

0 - 60mph - 4.6 Seconds

Top Speed - 155 mph

Made Famous By - The 427 appeared in the film Iron Man as one of Tony Starks many exclusive cars.


This car is something else, after just managing to get all 6’3” of me into it with the roof on, it was such a great drive, none of the driver aids people expect these days, just you, the car and the track. I couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of the day after driving a car I’ve loved for years. Thank you car chase heroes for the opportunity!

Jake Darnley

People say you shouldn't meet your heroes as you could be disappointed, in this case with the AC Cobra you couldn't be more wrong, I drove the Nismo GTR Skyline first , A very impressive car indeed but did not leave a lasting impression , but however the Shelby Cobra was a different kettle of fish , heavy clutch weighty steering,were forgotten about 100 metres up the start straight the sounds from the sidepipes blew me away , maybe it's just me but the eñtry and exit of every cornerand straight hàd me grinning like a demented loony, a grin that lasted àbout 10 mins after getting out of the car .For me it's more about smiles per hour than anything else well done Car Chase Heroes for getting it right!

Mark Kedward

Went to Dunsfold park for my 50th birthday, on Friday 8th June, Drove 4 American Muscle cars..Mustang GT350, Gran Torino, AC Cobra and SS Camero and the Optimus Prime Truck. Absolutely brilliant day, all the Instructors were amazing and i had the best time. The only thing was the organisation in the waiting for your drives. Everyone in the same place, waiting to be called, no particular queues, just seemed a mess. One of my cars was out of action, so i was offered a choice of the others instead. Videos and photos were absolutely stunning and i will remember this always.

Joanne Etherington

What an amazing day! Well sign posted and easy to find. Loads of parking and only a short walk from the venue. Registration was easy and quick. I paid the extra £25 for insurance waiver, some people moan about this, but great value considering the value of the cars being driven. Car was in excellent order and sounded as it should of! My 15 year old son drove the GTR and Supra, he loved every minute and asking to go again! If you can get a ride in the Atom driven by a professional, could not stop smiling after that!

Jon Benham