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Lamborghini Superleggera

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Lamborghini. That's a name that should send shivers down your a good way!

For me, I have always thought of Lamborghini as the craziest supercars on the plant, built in a shed by a crazy Italian. Ferruccio Lamborghini was that man and the first of the crazy cars was the unforgettable Miura with it's fantastic looks and it's insanely sounding V12 engine. The world of bullfighting is a key part of Lamborghini's identity, as it was Ferruccio's interest that would give you the iconic emblem for this historic company. A Lamborghini has at some point been the pin up on everyone’s wall and thanks to the design tastes of Marcello Gandini of Bertone who gave us not only the Miura, but the Countach and Diablo to name a few!

Gallardo, a famous breed of fighting bull and Lamborghini's bestselling car to date. Lamborghini's are designed mainly to make a lot of noise and cause excitement. So, while the Ferrari howls and a McLaren hums, the Lambo bellows. And while the racers were styled by aerodynamicists, the Lambo was designed to make people say “wow”. Which it does. In a Ferrari or a McLaren, you concentrate when you are driving quickly. In the Gallardo, you can’t. You’re too busy laughing.

Who the hell gets to drive one of these pure Italian (half a breath) super cars? This Superleggera model which there are 618 units worldwide and that was when released, makes this car rare, with it's miles of carbon fibre to bring the weight down against the standard car. Worth while..........Yes! 

Vehicle Stats

"This thing would blow the dress off a nun..." Jeremy Clarkson

Vehicle - Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera

Power Unit - 5.0L V10 

Horsepower - 530bhp

Torque - 375 lb. -ft

0 - 60mph - 3.8 Seconds

Top Speed - 196 mph

Transmission - LHD Semi Automatic

Made Famous By - It's a Lamborghini!


Harry Rice was a great instructor. He was extremely personable and put me at ease straight away. He was very clear with instructions. Would love to come again!

Amy Randall

Brilliant experience. The drivers and all staff were very friendly. I loved the Lamborghini. Magoo was unreal in the bmw. 5 star magoo. Great day


The staff and car rides for my son was amazing can't thank them enough

Elizabeth Edwards

My Husband and I booked this for my 10 year old Step Son. He takes after his Dad and is a budding petrol head. He drove the Lambo, the Skyline GTR and the Roush Mustang, we also topped up with a sighting lap and a High Speed Passenger Ride in the Ariel Atom. It was a fantastic day and he absolutely loved it. All of the Instructors and Team there on the day were fantastic. We went to Blyton which meant that we were able to watch him all the way round. Would not hesitate to recommend this brilliant experience. I have no doubt we will be back for more over the coming years.


Fantastic day out this was bought for a gift for my birthday my Lamborghini Spyder that i originally picked online wasn't there on the day so i got to choose the other lamborghini the staff were very apologetic and very helpful , worth every penny will be booking another driving experience next year with a few of us 5 stars !


A fabulous day and what a car. The stuff that dreams are made of. From signing in to booking in an extra sighting lap which gave valuable information about the track and how to drive it. I did this in addition to the James Bond Aston Martin which can I just say given both instructors were an absolute credit to the company. They put me at ease and encouraged me to enjoy the experience to the full which I certainly did.

Graeme Wright

An amazing well organised experience. Upon arrival we was told that the Porsche my son was due to drive had blown up the day before so we was given two options which were cars my son had never heard of so during the sign in I said my son was dissapointed and the staff member said he could drive any of the junior cars, he chose the Supra and after an hour and a half wait the Supra was still with the mechanics so we went back to sign in and they couldnt be more helpful, we explained that my son was very dissapointed as he both cars were broken and so they said he could chose a Super car to make up for it, he chose the Lamborgjni Gallardo and had an amazing time!!!! 10 years old and driving a Lambo, whats not to love but I was most impressed by the staff they were all brilliant with him and all the juniors and when we were leaving the circuit one of the sign in staff made an effort to find us to make sure we was happy and had a good day, I wish I had taken her name as she deserves some recognition.

Amanda May

What an experience. I drove 3 supercars at Castle Combe for 2-2 laps. This Lamborghini was my last car, so I roughy knew the circuit. This car was fantastic to drive. The sound of the engine was very good. After my first lap, I reached very high speed at the straight finish line. After the esses, I was told to accelerate. I put my foot to the gas pedal, not too hard, as the track was wet, but at a slight left bend, the car started to skid on a bit of a water, but I could hold the car on track. My instructor, who was very good, told me I nicely held the car on the track at that speed. Thank you again for this wonderful experience.