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Tibenham Airfield, 4 car experience. The whole event was so well organised. Staff were really friendly. It really felt like all of the instructors were really rooting for me to get the most out of the performance of the cars. I could feel their enthusiasm and excitement. They were all great. I put the Maserati forward for the rating as my Instructor for that day Mark, went above and beyond my expectations. He really did you guys proud. The other cars, Porsche 911 Spyder, Lotus Evora and the absolutely mind blowing Lambo Gallardo Spyder. My adrenaline is still pumping 24 hours later!

paul Roberts

Me and my wife got the chance to drive this Maserati Gt today. Really nice car. Lots of power and sounded the most sporty out of all the cars there. Loved it!

Lee Major