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A very different Beast to any car I've driven before. But, Christ it doesn't half go!!! The super charger whirring behind you head is an unusual but amazing sound. Manual close ratio gearbox, a little tricky to master. Floored the pedal on the straight and felt like it was to take off. But it didn't, obviously. A go kart on lots of steroids. Amazing machine. Didn't catch the name of the instructor but a fab guy and gave brilliant advice via hand signals and helped me pushed the car to its potential within a safe limit. Weirdest, yet exhilarating experience. Next time I'll go for a hot lap with the instructor.

Michael malbon

Absolutely fantastic day out at Blyton Park on the 8th. Really well organised, I had 5 cars to get through and everything was done very smoothly. Great driving instructors in all cars all extremely friendly! Couldn’t recommend car chase heroes enough, amazing people to work with and a great day out despite everything going on with COVID! Very well managed.

Henry Bates

Just had an amazing time at the three sisters in Wigan, great track. I picked the DB5 first because I am a massive classic car nut and it's probably the only time i will get to drive one. It was everything i expected, then came the best run/ drive i have ever been in ( bearing in mind that iam in my 60's). The Ariel Atom has NOT to missed, absolutely fantastic and on that track WOW. Big thank you to my instructor Wayne who coached, encouraged, helped and pushed me round the track, a massive help . Only criticism of the day / track is it was very busy and it felt like they were cramming too many drives into the allocated times,and the viewing area for parents/relatives watching the juniors was poor . My son, nephew and myself had a great day in all the various cars ( of which there was loads) were all back wishing we had taken more in. In all brilliant day and thanks to everyone.

Grant Prentice

On Friday 30th Aug I had a 4 car experience booked at Abingdon. Upon turning up everything looked professional and well organised. I'd booked to drive the Bad Boys 911 and was told it hadn't made it to the event so I was able to choose an alternative car. I chose the V8 Vantage. I started off driving this and loved it! Next I drove the Mustang Roush, again loved it! I was then due to drive the Nissan Skyline, but it had mechanical issues on the day so was again offered a swap, where I chose the Nissan gtr. Loved it! But the highlight of the day was the Ariel Atom! I've driven one before but it still has the wow factor! I'd booked 3 laps but ended up buying another 3 while I was actually out on the track as it's so much fun. To finish the day I had a high speed passenger ride in the supercharged Ariel Atom....jeez..that is an awesome piece of kit, and driven so expertly by the instructor. The staff during the event are amazing, I can't praise them highly enough. They're professional, friendly, knowledgeable and fun, and want you to get the most out of the day. I'll definately be coming back and reccommending to all my friends and family. Thank you for an AWESOME day out!!!

Luke Bullivant