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Dodge, founded as the Dodge Brothers Company machine shop by brothers Horace Elgin Dodge and John Francis Dodge in the early 1900s, Dodge was originally a supplier of parts and assemblies for Detroit based automakers and began building complete automobiles under the "Dodge Brothers" brand in 1914. It was when Chrysler bought the company however that they then started putting muscle cars on the map. 

Violent. Crass. Obnoxious. Powerful…these are words that more closely describe the Hellcat. It’s an obscenely overpowered car that more than represents America’s need to be the biggest and baddest. It’s obscenely powerful and heavy and wide, but it sure can handle. That supercharged 6.2 litre HEMI engine may seem to pump out more power than the car can handle, but SRT has also made sure to pay attention to the suspension as well, with a three mode active suspension that can be toggled between Street, Sport, and Track. 

For me this car pushes all of my 'hooligan' buttons, something that you would not admit to liking, but deep down, you just want a ride!  It’s kind of like the meathead at the gym grunting and wailing with every rep, annoying all the other customers and acting like he owns the place, but then turns around and discusses quantum physics with you.

Vehicle Stats


Vehicle - Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

Power Unit - 6.2L V8 Twin Supercharged

Horsepower - 707 bhp

Torque - 650 lb. -ft

0 - 62mph - 5.2 Seconds

Top Speed - 199 mph

Transmission - LHD Manual

Made Famous By - The car apeared in the Fast and Furious franchise, this particular spec in Fast and Furious 7.


loved the range of cars and options. Professional and fun. Would buy again

Andy Prescott

A wet Friday morning at Abingdon. Oh what fun this was to drive under the guidance of Alex. First three laps just wetted my appetite. I was enjoy the super power delivery so much i opted for another three laps and my driving got better and better. I hadn't driven a manual left hand drive car since 1997 but had a great time and could've gone round all day in this beast it was so enjoyable

Don Ward

I arrived at Blyton to be told the Camero SS I had booked wasn't at the track and was offered the choice of another car amongst several on offer. I didn't really know what to go for so I just picked the first one I saw, the Hellcat. Boy how lucky was I, for me it was like winning the lottery. The car is a beast. I have never driven a car like that and didn't really know what to expect or how I should drive it. There was no worries though, my instructor, Mark P was fantastic. With his guidance I was able to ger the best I could out of the Hellcat and the highlight of the day was breezing past the McLaren. Mark offered me extra laps and I didn't hesitate, I could have driven the car all day long. There are plenty of cars to choose from but of the four I drove this one will be on my list of four again next time. Thanks to everyone at Car Chase Heroes for an amazing day. See you again soon

Paul Slater

The hellcat was insane! I still think about it every few days, just the raw power and noise coming out of it was so addictive. The whine of the supercharger and the 707 horses being unleashed was nothing like I'd ever experienced before. It is my dream car and I will definitely be driving it again next time. My instructor was class as well, had great banter and he knew the car well. Only bad thing was the awful gearbox, but that's forgivable as it was such a beast! It really makes me wonder how someone can not love cars. Will definitely be booking another experience soon!


I received a voucher as a present and after reading some of the reviews I could have easily have been put off. I got to say I had a really enjoyable experience. There's a queue when you arrive but it's nothing to get in a twist about. The staff are busy but I got booked in and everything went smoothly from there. It was well organised and I found the staff very friendly. As for the cars I found it great fun. If your expecting to be screeching around a track at 180 mph you'll be disappointed. Your instructors job is keep everyone safe, your there for the experience not to be a racing driver. The instructors are friendly and in particular the German man, I forgot his name was really good. The laps go quick but you got to make the most of it. I'd say personally it could become a very expensive day especially if you got a family day with all the extras such as insurance, extras such as videos, laps and certain vehicles. If your on a budget don't expect a cheap day. All in all though you'll really enjoy yourself.

Richard Frost

This is not the first time that I have been to one of this events, every time I go I have a fantastic time. This time I drove a Dodge Hellcat, the Lady instructor was great explained the car in detail and what it can do! Was a lovely drive got to 83 miles instructor gave me a "Fab Drive" at the Northampton Circuit. Weather was dry and but very cold. Had to wait around for a while but the driving made up for that! I also bought a voucher for my Son for his birthday to drive the Subaru (an non driver) he love it. Also his girlfriend (non-Driver) decided to drive on the day and drove Aston Martin Vantage+ Vantage F1 Edition. We all had a brilliant day out. Thank you Car Chase Heroes. Looking forward to my Truck Experience in June at Ipswitch.

Christine Turner

Absolutely amazing experience would definitely recommend! Bear was an absolute legend too with the hellcat I drove, knew the car well and guided me through driving it on the track perfectly, dream come true for me, definitely knew his stuff! Highly recommend

Jaime Troke

WOW just wow is the only word i can use the describe this car, i booked it on the day on a bit of a whim but this ended up being the car that completely blew me away, the power delivery is just amazing but is also stops and handles so well and that supercharger whine is just addictive, Must also say the instructor was a brilliant help always giving good tips to get more out of me and the car, i enjoyed it so much i ended up opting to do 3 extra laps while out on track. I will be saving my pennies now to come back and have another blast in this absolute beast.