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What a day!!! What an absolue day!!! From the moment we arrived to the moment we left, everything was superb. When signing on at the registration tent, I was informed that of the cars I was driving was unavailable, although this was disapointing, Hallie who I was dealing with, bent over backwards to ensure that another car was made available for me. Hallie was excellent, professional and brilliant at her job. Moving onto the cars, my first outing in the Mk1 Escort was brilliant and my instructor, John, very quickly put me at ease and allowed me to drive in my own style whilst giving excellent coaching advice. Next, I moved onto the AC Cobra, a replacement for the Golf GTI, and boy what a machine. Alan, the instrucor, was real professional and built on ths skills I had learnt with John. Alan's instructions were clear, precise and direct and he postively encouraged me to push harder and harder. Finally, my last outing was in the 205 GTI with Ben. Ben was another fabulous instructor with (again) clea, precise and direct instructions. Mixed his constant feedback and postive inputs, Ben allowed me to get the most out of the car. To finish the day off, myself and my fiance were treated to a complimentary High Speed Passenger lap in a BMW, due to the unavailabilty of the Golf GTI. This was great. Overall, Hallie, John, Alan and Ben (as well as the ladies running the callouts and pit tent) were outstanding and their friendly, approachable and professional attributes shone through superbly. Thank you so much.

Paul Fazackerley