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Ferdinand Porsche founded the company back in 1931 with their main offices in Stuttgart. The company that has given us the mighty '911' and continues to do so, one of the most influential and satisfying sports cars ever made. The Porsche 911, it's a car that not only defined the company and everything it stands for, but it was a defining car in the history of sports coupes that will be here forever and will never fade or be forgotten.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Porsche is now the only car maker left that’s still motivated by the same things that motivated the Italian car companies of yore. There is no Porsche economy-box. The 911 still puts its horsepower at the back. And when the firm did finally follow fashion and build a 4x4, it gave it a sodding great turbo. Porsches do not sound like other cars. And they do not drive like other cars. They drive . . . how can I put this? Better.

Now this is your opportunity to drive an icon and become Mike Lowry, the cool hip detective from 'Bad Boys'. Slip into that silk suit, jump into that $105,000 dream car! 

Vehicle Stats

“Don't hate the player, hate the game!” Mike Lowrey 

Vehicle - 911 

Power Unit - 3.3L 

Horsepower - 300 bhp

0 - 60mph - 4.6 Seconds

Top Speed - 173mph

Transmission - Automatic

Made Famous By - The car apeared in the film 'Bad Boys'. 


Elvington 30 April - A huge thank you to the following instructors, who enriched the experience with their wealth of experience and knowledge of the cars and circuit: - Tilly - Nissan GTR, Josh - Ford Escort (Mk1) & CJ - 911 GT3-RS. Cheers Chris :0)

Chris Andersen

Having read a few shall we say less than glowing reviews I was a little worried that the junior experience booked wouldn't deliver the wow factor i was hoping for. Big thanks to the team on the day at Tockwith for proving otherwise. The experience ran like clockwork and left my son with a really good memory. The only slight negative was I think a little bit too much money being asked for the photo and video files. Perhaps reduce these slightly?

Paul White

Had a great time at Abingdon with my grandson enjoying the Junior Trackway Experience. Very well organised, instructors were fantastic and he had the time of his life behind the wheel. Definitely will be returning.


An incredibly safe, well organised and amazing experience for our 11 year old son. He was reassured and well instructed by all 3 instructors so he could make the most of his experience. He was beaming with excitement. All staff who we dealt with were friendly and professional. What a truly fantastic day out after 18 months of a pandemic. Highly recommended!


Great day fantastic car was able to really put the pedal to the metal but was disappointed that I didn’t get the six laps I paid for when I questioned the instructor about it I was told the out drive and the in drive counts as laps ? so only got to actually do four laps. Not happy with that deal but still enjoyed the day .

Colin Cleary