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The Car

The Audi R8, the mid-engine V8 supercar that is made from a blend of carbon fibre, magnesium and aluminium, the car that Audi produced to compete with the likes of the Porsche 911 Carrera 2S.

Now, it’s not the speed that impresses you most of all, it's the way this thing feels through the corners and that V8 tower of power is just mesmerizing. There’s so much to admire, the aesthetically satisfying design, with the futuristic looking side scoops and the sleek lines and low ride height. This German piece of engineering just makes me feel that this is how a modern-day supercar should look like, it's here to do business.

Anyway, time for a point of contention… that the V8 sounds better than the V10. The flagship’s 5.2-litre has this wonderful fluted, mellifluous, woolfy tone which is undeniably lovely, but the 4.2-litre V8 sounds a bit more dangerous. It barks and has an angry, raucous edge that really gets under your skin and makes bits of you tingle.

Lets not forget, this is the car of choice of Tony Stark and if Iron man chooses to blast around in one, then it has to be 'top of the bill'. As far as I'm concerned, this car is almost without fault, it’s absolutely stunning and the experience will be something that you will want to do again and again.

Vehicle Stats

"Driving most supercars, is like man-handling a cow up a back staircase...this is like smearing honey into Kiera Knightly..." Jeremy Clarkson

Vehicle - Audi R8

Power Unit - 4.2L V8

Horsepower - 430 bhp

Torque - 430 lb. -ft

0 - 60mph - 4.5 Seconds

Top Speed - 188 mph

Transmission - Automatic

Made Famous By - Marvel's Iron Man. This is the chosen car of Tony Stark when he isn't flying around as Iron Man


I had a drive in the Audi R8 V8 today, 4th Oct 2020. Although the weather was absolutely terrible. I had a great drive. I was accompanied by Toni (Or T as she's know) She was absolutely brilliant. Great advice while driving the car and I felt totally safe. She had really good knowledge of the car and how it handled and I felt like I got the best drive I could, despite the rain. Thanks Toni. Hope you win that Lottery win and get your dream Audi

Julia Connor

My son loved his 4 car and speed lap experience particularly the lap with the racing driver. The afternoon was really well managed and felt very safe but still lots of fun despite the Covid restrictions. Great choice of cars.

Joanna Ritchie

I am writing this review to praise two members of staff in particular, Laura and Dan. My son was supposed to drive the R8 but unfortunately suffers from terrible anxiety which made him unable to take part. Dan and Laura were unbelievably helpful trying to put him at ease and doing everything they could to try and persuade him to try. As a parent who witness’ his struggles on a daily basis it was so humbling to see two lovely young people take time to talk to him and try and talk him round. I want to thank you both from the bottom of my heart x

Helen davison

Had an awesome few laps in the Audi R8 v8 at Abingdon. Chantelle was a great instructor and really helped build my confidence to carry speed through the corners. So much so I opted for an extra three laps!! Thanks for a great morning guys and Chantelle - good luck with your racing!!


Great company as they let you go as fast as the instructors thought you could go! None of this pussyfooting about like other companies not letting you rev to high or go to fast. Whilst there was more than a bit of hanging about waiting for the cars you has chosen to drive they were all great Porsche, R8, GTR and the Atom. Would definitely use them again

Mar5in Hayward

Nicky was just the best instructor. She didn't hold back one bit and let you actually DRIVE the car! Was unbelievable! The torque was magnificent! Would highly recommend both car and instructor!


The Audi R8 is a modern day legend of a car already. I drove this round with Stuart at my side, his guidance and instruction were great, the torque from the motor was fab. the handling was brilliant . A fantastic day out with Car Chase Heroes.

Paul Bayly

What a great day at Bicester. A Christmas present from my daughter. I had the 4 car pack, 6 miles in each. The event was so well organised. From registering on arrival, thru to the very friendly instructors in each of the cars. Even the bacon rolls were spot on. Worth every penny for the experience. Thank You


What an amazing day me and my family had today 01.04.2018 I drove the r8 as it’s my favourite car and was so pleased I left a very happy girl, as well as brought my daughters pink r8 up so was asked to stay so could take pictures together was amazing. The staff were amazing and so was the driving instructor. Aswel as my mums partner and my best friend deciding to drive on the day aswel. Thanks again guys for an amazing day out. Will highly recommmed

Lianne Thorpe

drove a few, instructor of the r8 made my day, he let me feel what a sports car feels like as other instructors may aswell drove for me.. also having the juniors drive at the same time is a bit of a let down as i spent a couple of my laps waiting to overtake . over all good day though