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The Ford Torino, produced for the North America market between 1968 and 1976. The car was named after the Italian city of Turin, (Torino in Italian).

David Starsky and Kenneth Hutchinson, the famed US cop duo of the 1970s better known as Starsky and Hutch, are probably best known for their use of a bright red Ford Gran Torino with a large white stripe on both sides. The Torino belonged to Starsky and was nicknamed the "Striped Tomato".  The cars were custom painted (on top of the factory red paint colour) with the distinctive white stripe designed by George Grenier. The rear ends were lifted by air shocks and had "U.S." brand 5-slot mag wheels added with larger rear tires. New high-performance engine sounds were dubbed over scenes during the show because California law forbade mechanically modifying the engines of cars. When the pilot was successful, two new 1975 red Gran Torino’s were ordered for the first season. These cars were powered by 400 Cu V8s because extra power was going to be needed for additional stunt driving scenes. The aggressive stunt driving required of the show resulted in many accidents for the Torino’s. 

So this is your chance to be 'Starsky'! 

Vehicle Stats


Vehicle - Ford Gran Torino

Power Unit - 400 V8

Horsepower - 168 bhp

Torque - 297 lb. -ft

Transmission - LHD Automatic

Made Famous By - Being one of the stars in the TV series 'Starsky and Hutch'.


What a fantastic day out. The staff were excellent, friendly and helpful from the very start. I drove 5 different cars, from the Batmobile to the Ferrari California and loved every one. The drivers/instructors were helpful and supportive and really enhanced the whole experience. The Ford Gran Torino was probably my favourite but that’s probably because of my nostalgia for the 70s. A wonderful memorable day made even more special by all the staff and their commitment to making sure you have the best day. I will definitely be back, with the rest of my family next time. Thank you Car Chase Heroes.


first drive of the day was in the Starsky and hutch classic which i chose very quickly as unfortunetly the lotus cortina was unavailable .I first got in the dimensions were huge im of average size and i couldnt reach the peddles even with the seat right forward the driver gave me a cushion behind me .This beast lumbered and wallowed down the track i think ive been in more stable rowing boats .What a brilliant fun experience not to be missed .

david Bayley

Booking my driving experience at Castle Combe Race Circuit, all I wanted was a dry day. The day turned out to be nearly 30c. This took its toll on the Batmobile, even older than me, celebrating my 50th birthday,at the end of my 2 lap stint, the batmobile was overheating as we entered the pit lane, it was just around lunchtime, and it already been out about 10 times. Next, something more modern. Kitt, ok, not super fast, but another tv car, again 2 laps, ok, the best car of my day. Ford Gran Torino, yes the stripe tomato. Oh this two laps was my fastest, maybe after learning the circuit in the other cars. Ok, 70mph maybe not fast compared to others on the track, I was the bees knees in these police car!, sadly my 2 laps were over. Only down side was the USB never recorded any of my drives. But family members with me out some photos. Thank you car chase heroes


Had to have a go as soon as I saw it. The star of dukes of hazard. Big old car but great fun to drive this icon of the 70s