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General Lee from Dukes of Hazard is involved in some of the best car chases ever made! Unforgettable images of the HUGE jumps make this little beauty famous all over the world. Get behind the wheel our very own General Lee Dodge Charger and experience that muscle car feeling from its big V8. Warning, diving across the hood to enter in style is at your own risk! 

Vehicle Stats

Part of our classic American Muscle car fleet, the General Lee Dodge Charger is the perfect driving experience for hardcore petrol heads. The big V8 roars as you push the throttle and hit 0-60 in 5.4 seconds as part of the drive of your life! 


Almost the best experience ever!! Disappointed that I couldn’t enjoy the full experience of the car due to having to move over for the instructors driving at the same time


Great day yesterday driving this car loads of fun the instructor I had was really helpful and got me to get the most out of my experience


Never in a million years did I think the opportunity to drive my all time favorite car would happen - Thank You Car Chase Heroes! What an experience; When you start the General up and hear that 8 litre engine roar then off out on to the track. He's a big old car with no power steering and drum brakes so those corners are 'dicey' but when you hit the straights and plant your foot . . . I'm still smiling now! I wish I had done the extra laps because it goes over so quick, but its an excuse to go back.

Wesley Watson

"Well what can I say" The car was AMAZING... I had the best day of my entire life driving my boy hood dream car and she failed to disappoint. A life long dream of mine was to drive this iconic muscle car. My only criticism was I'll have to spend the rest of my life knowing I'll never own a Dodge Charger. They say "Never meet your heroes" , I say "Rubbish".

Jamie Bramhall

I had great day at Abingdon in February, I drove the General Lee and the Gt500, I also had three laps in the Mx5 with the crazy pro driver. All the staff were friendly and helpful, the instructors put me at ease straight away and helped me get the best out of the cars. I paid for my 7 year old to have a couple of laps in the Mazda on the day, which he loved. I did have a problem with my photo disc, which I didn't spot until I got home, but it was all sorted out very quickly. All in all, a fantastic experience.

Graham Bell

Went to two events with these guys drove the mustang gt at goodwood on the Wednesday and then Abingdon on the Friday really enjoyed both days and will definatly be going back the only downsides is the waiting time (I got the feeling I may have been forgotten about on the Friday so filled it in with a high speed ride in the old mx5 race car the driver was absolutely insane (good way) I was meant to do 6 laps in the general lee but there was an error on the card so only got 3 and had to go back to the main desk which they were very helpful and friendly and swapped the other 3 laps to the supra both were nice although I didn't think they were running quite right was definatly an experience which was great though and on the Thursday couldn't really appreciate the mustang due to the amazing sound but that mas mainly due to the goodwood marshals probably not liking American muscle all the instructors were amazing and very friendly and helpful and I will be returning thankyou


Loved it! I drove the General Lee (the actual car from the original series... well one of them!) and it was awesome. My son Dominic drove bumblebee and the new Mustang and he has been talking about it ever since. So much so that now he wants to take his best mate on his birthday next year. Staff were great especially the instructors and made my son feel very special. Will deffo see you all next year! Thanks again.


Hi I had three car's at Throckmorton what a cracking day, good weather nice venue very pleasant staff and the driving instructors where bang on the money, good communications telling you how too get the most out of the car 3 laps was just not enough all over to fast, I drove the corvette which is a beast the Mustang GT350 is not far behind the vette and the one I had to drive the Dodge Charger General Lee a bit wobbley on the steering when you put your foot down which was a bit un-nerving and I didn't want to drive it any harder., it felt like their was no front damper's on it and the tracking didn't feel right so it spoiled it a bit I know its a old car and had do a few laps but it just didn't feel safe but I made the most of it, a great sound track great cars will be back thanks Andy

Andy Swinfield

Great day playing in some great cars. Had only booked 6 laps in the race mustang but ended up doing extra few laps in general Lee, gt40, stingray, and bumblebee :-). Would have had a turn in the others but had to leave a few cars for when I go back

Mike Lewis

Hi, Quick note to say how much I enjoyed the muscle car drive at Blyton Park on Sunday 29th May. I thought it was very well run, the instructors were great and the cars were superb ! Overall definitely a 5* experience. I have one small suggestion if I may. It was great that it was busy and loads of people milling about. So something which might have helped us (and maybe even the staff) would be if you could tell which people were actually driving. I would be as simple as giving all drivers a badge when they signed on. Could just be a sticky label from a roll with "DRIVER" on it (and maybe your logo). No need for names or anything personalised, dead easy to do. Cost next to nothing, and I think a lot of people would really like it. I'm sure everyone wearing the badge would be walking about 6" taller - and I assume that's how you'd like people to feel on the experience ! Just an idea, but whatever, thanks again for a great time and I'll be adding some good review ratings to the websites ! Cheers, Colin Harrison

Colin Harrison