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The Car

Ford's new Mustang, the 2016 Mustang GT V8 

A true modern muscle car with loads of power from its big V8 engine and handling to take on the best European contenders. As Jeremy Clarkson said, 'This is a machine that wants to turn its tyres into smoke and go around every corner sideways. You’ve seen the film Bullitt. Well, it’s that.'

Electrifying in every way, this car does not disappoint. It's roaring sound of the V8 under the hood, you really get the idea of why people love the Mustang so much. If you are a muscle fan, then this will be the car for you. Even though you have all the creature comforts that we are now accustomed to having in our cars, make no mistake about it, this is a true Mustang, worthy of the badge and worthy of its place in the Muscle Car Hall of Fame! Take a drive and be blown away!

Vehicle Stats

Vehicle - 2016 Mustang GT V8

Power Unit - 5.0L V8

Horsepower - 435 bhp

Torque - 400 lb. -ft

0 - 60mph - 4.6 Seconds

Top Speed - 155 mph

Transmission - Automatic


Car was good track ok apart from potholes the 3 car experience wS good apart from the photos I paid for no video on this drive just the same photos none from behind not worth 50pounds

David Humphries

Had a great time at the Tockwith track near York. Well organised but over all too quickly !! Drove the Speed Mustang first which was very good even though 3rd gear was a nightmare but was warned about it at the start. Moved on to the GT500 "Eleanor" which was a great experience - a proper drive with no power steering or ABS. Had only booked for 3 laps but added another 3 as was enjoying it so much. Finally the Roush Mustang GT - wow, so powerful. Had to do 6 laps as it was all over so quickly. Instructors in the cars were great - advising what line to take and when to brake and put on the power. Highly recommend even if it does feel expensive.

Kevin Ramage

Amazing experience at Abingdon!! Originally booked for February but had to be rearranged due to COVID. All changes were dealt with by the staff quickly and efficiently. I had 2 vouchers so booked to drive 9 cars. Line up including some of my dream cars....Aston Martin DB5, DB9 and Vantage, Batmobile, Ferrari 360, Porsche 911, Ariel Atom 2, Bumblebee and of course the 'Speed' Mustang! Also added the Lamborghini Huracan and Escort Mk1 at a discounted rate on the day making it 11 cars in total, 12 including the high speed passenger ride. Had the added bonus of doing my sighting lap in a Lamborghini spyder, but think that was just luck of the draw as others went out in a BMW. All staff from check in, to pit lane and all the instructors were fab and help to make it a really enjoyable day. 1 girl in the pit lane (sorry did not manage to get her name) was extremely helpful and helped to reduce my wait between the large number of cars I had booked. Special mention to Barry Lee in the Mustang, little did I know at the time I'd have the pleasure of driving with a legend in the racing world, he even tried to get me a freebie for driving so many cars!! Also shout out to Josh (911) and Toby (Huracan) who helped to make the experience even more enjoyable. The Mustang is probably my new favourite, knocking the DB9 off the top spot!! A little disappointed that there was no in-car video that I had seen previously and I missed out on track photos of 2 cars due to the staff moving the photography van during the event. Was glad the price of photos was reduced as there was no video facility. Also did not receive the souvenir photo as part of 1 of my vouchers but did receive 39 photos of 9 different cars via email having paid £25 for them! All together and great day and will definitely use Car Chase Heroes again!!!


Well.where do i start. This was a Christmas present from my wife and i can't thank her enough. I had booked to drive 4 cars, mk1 Escort rs, Mustang GT450, Ford GT40 and the Speed Mustang GT500. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day, the staff were so friendly and nothing was too much bother for them. The highlight of the day though was when i got in the Speed Mustang the instructor was none other than the legend that was Barry Lee!!!! He still shows so much passion for motorsport at 76yrs old as he did when he was first starting out. I would highly recommend this to anyone and i will deffo be back again soon.

Paul kirby

What an absolute super day. Thank you car chases hero's team for the memorable day. Drove the Speed Mustang with Barry Lee "What and absolute legend" really knows his stuff and talks you through everything. Would love to spend a full day driving with Barry as I could learn so much from him. Also drove the MK1 Escort RS and Lotus Cortina again both were great drives, GT40 unfortunately the clutch broke, so was unable to get to drive the beast, was offered any car as a replacement which I took Dom's Charger, Brian was very helpful and gave me an additional lap for the issues at the start of the drive with the car cutting out. Only down side was how far spectators were away from the action my partner missed two of my drives as she couldn't see what was happening with being so far from the action. We were asked in the email to bring minimal spectators so only my partner came but some had took whole families parents and grandparents who were allowed to be in drivers area with children yet my one guest had to stay in the spectator area. Raised with staff on the day but said they can't control everyone and they should be in spectator area if not driving which wasn't the case. Would definitely recommend for anybody driving as it truly is a great day and opportunity to drive such amazing cars. Not the best for spectators as they may not see much of the action.

Damian Batey

The instructor I had was an absolute legend, telling me to drive faster and faster which I made sure I made the most of it, the instructor kept telling me to turn around and start the lap again(lots of slower drivers) to make the most of my time at Sywell, this is my second time at this site and will come again

Nick Dilley

What a great experience and with Barry Lee in the Speed Mustang navigating me, this was a truly amazing drive! My favourite car (Eleanor) GT500 was as good as i had hoped for, and the Dodge Hellcat was a joy to drive! Well worth the money, and will look to do again...


At 3 sisters, Wigan for my father's Day present. Due to problems with Dom's Charger I was offered a drive in the SpeedMustang . As soon as I got in the car I recognised the instructor from somewhere. He really encouraged me to push the car faster each lap and looking at the video he enjoyed it as much as me. Turns out it was the legend Barry Lee. What a great bloke and a mega car. Great day

Alex Taylor

Still on cloud 9 after a 2 lap blast in the Speed Mustang, Barry Lee you made my day giving me a 99.9% score.

Anthony Reilly

What can I say? Barry Lee- you are legend! This ride wouldn’t be so great without you! You’ve showed me how to make best out of this car and definitely I will be back! What a life experience! Thank you- I will never forget it!

Monika Dratwicka

An amazing experience from start to finish. Everyone put me at ease to make sure I had an amazing drive and got the most out of the car. Highly recommended - I want to do it again!!!! Barry Lee made this more memorable than ever!! He gave me the ride of my life :) !!!

Louise Heron

What can I say……….A fabulous day, having booked to drive 4 classic Fords, I added another car once I arrived and had a great experience. Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful, and one of the instructors turned out to be the legend that is Barry Lee, what a day, many thanks and I will see you again.

Phil Purser

Just returned from great day out at Tibenham. Initially booked a 3 Mustang package, that got postponed due to Covid so got this new date. Two days before arrival got email saying two of the three not going to be available. Not very pleased, unable to change date as had booked accommodation around it. Was offered an alternative car and went ahead as planned. But this gave me an opportunity to rethink. So on arrival I asked for all the laps in one car. Total of 12 laps in the Speed Mustang 2008 Shelby GT500. Best decision I've made. Two reasons. It gave me the opportunity to get really used to the car and track and secondly it avoided a possible hanging around between 3 separate drives. Was there much of a delay??? I have never moved so quickly ( until the car that is) Booked in at first checkpoint, I was early, but that didn't matter. moved immediately to detailed booking in, insurance etc. I was offered a free sighting lap as well. Went outside to wait with a small crowd. Went to a quiet corner and loaded up the YouTube briefing. Got 10 seconds into it and my name was called. Went to front of crowd waiting and sat down to wait for sighting car. Just got myself onto chair and my name was called again. Got into Subaru car and was driven 1 lap of circuit to prime me. Got back to base and I went back into my little corner to listen to briefing again. But again I got called forward to get into the gt500. This all took less time than time to write this. Slight exaggeration but not much!!! Then experienced 12 laps of great driving. Well I thought so!! Barry Lee was great, really helpful and encouraging. If your a confident fast driver make the most of it, if not Barry will bring the best out of you. If you are not confident, DO NOT worry. The only downsides...... The 12 laps went by in a flash. 3 laps would have been miserably short. The lap distance seemed very short. Hopefully that's just because of the speed I was going!!!! Also perhaps it all went TOO smoothly and fast. I felt like a VIP being rushed through the process. But on the other hand I wouldn't have wanted the waiting around for 3 separate drives. Customers are never happy. Would I do it again? Course I would and expect the same rapid service!!!! Thankyou to all concerned even cancelling 2 of my cars. I think you accidentally gave me a better experience.

David Stevens

We visited for my sons 8th birthday on Sunday 4th October. I just wanted to say thank you for such a brillIant, well organised day. Even with the Covid measures and restrictions everything seemed to run very smoothly and the staff were so friendly (especially with the rubbish weather!). An extra special shout out to the man (apologies I don’t know what his name was) who was coordinating all the cars and for making my other younger son feel special and included too. Archie and Charlie had a great day and are telling everyone about it! Thanks again.


Powerful, amazing car. Excellent experience on 12th Sept 2020, driving instructor, Barry Lee, was awesome and a laugh. 110mph was no problem.


What a fantastic experience with barry leigh in the mustang his comment "excellent drive made me look a fool"haha great day will be back next time for sure

George haines

Went out with Gary in this today at RAF Honington what a great car combined with a great instrutor (Gary) had a real blast in this thing. I'll be back for more

Josh Curtis

I drove Speed Mustang on Friday 28/06/2019 on Three Sisters Race Circuit in Wigan. The car was powerful and stable on the track.It was pleasure to drive it.I would like to thank to my young instructor Mat,who was very friendly and professional,explaining me everything about the car and the track.Thanks to Mat I had such a great experience and pleasure driving this car.

Bontscho Bonev

' Can’t wait to come back ' Outstanding Team are really engaging and very helpful Cars and instructors are out of this world My 14 is still on the biggest high from his experience He has a top 3 list of cars that he wants to drive next time Thank you for an amazing day

Kieran Duggan

Perranporth was a great venue, Instructors gave you so much confidence to drive the car as it should be driven. Loved the experience day. highly recommended


Fantastic experience At Blyton today, highly recommend this. Great staff, really look after you. I had a great instructor unfortunately I forgot his name that’s because I was buzzing. Will definitely go and do it again. Thanks guys.

Steve Chambers

Had a fabulous time in the Barricade Mustang at Tockwith. Barry the instructor was a brilliant. Didn't think I could drive that fast. Thanks

Steve Clarke

Offered at fantastic price of £5 per lap!! Really great as complimented my choice of the Mustang 350, a real classic! Car was lhd and automatic so not the same driving experience as 350 but great comparison Loved the look and theatrics of 'Baricade' although like Transformers it is the trucks that I love (enjoyed experience in Maximus Prime) But great experience with well organised and pleasant staff, nice instruction

Peter Davies

Just spent a great day at abingdon well organised and absolutely fantastic experience got to drive this car as gt40 was not available was given an extra lap many thanks for a great day highly recommended

Chris Cade