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Ford Escort, this is a name few people don't recognise, but what some don't know is that this was once the King of Rally!

Rallye Sport. That’s what Ford’s RS moniker stands for, and the Escort wears the letters more proudly – with greater credibility – than most, because it’s arguably the greatest off-road racing car of them all.

The RS1600 was announced in 1970 and was the successor to the Escort twin cam. As the Ford Escort was developed through the 1970s, the 1.6-litre 16-valve RS Escorts were enlarged, first to 1.8 and later to 2.0-litres. By 1975, RS1600s had won world-class rallies including the British RAC three times in succession between 1972 and 1974.

Starring in the Fast and Furious 6 film, our RS is now destined as a firm favourite of car lovers old and new.

Vehicle Stats

"The Unbeatable 70's Rally King. A legend, an icon, an unforgettable piece of history."

Vehicle - MK1 Escort RS

Power Unit - 2L 16V

Horsepower - 180 bhp

0 - 60mph - Unkown

Transmission - LHD Manual

Made Famous By - Was Paul Walkers car in the Fast and Furious 6 movie.


Had fantastic day, to get to drive almost whatever you want, i took the escort, cortina and the mitsubishi evo the instructors were great to guide you and push you to get the best out of your day, very well organised apart from the in car camera's which weren't working or not even there,

Steve Marino

Elvington 30 April - A huge thank you to the following instructors, who enriched the experience with their wealth of experience and knowledge of the cars and circuit: - Tilly - Nissan GTR, Josh - Ford Escort (Mk1) & CJ - 911 GT3-RS. Cheers Chris :0)

Chris Andersen

Had the Mk1 Escort experience brought me as a present. On the day I arrived on site and was dealt with swiftly and professionally what can I say about driving the Escort my all time favourite car it was everything I hoped for the instructor was excellent they say never meet your hero's but I'm glad I did I will definitely be booking up again


Had a great fun driving the mk1 escort and great service there will definitely be back to drive some more


Had a fantastic day. All the instructors were fantastic. Barry Lee in the Escort was fantastic. Made the day ten times better. Came away smiling from ear to ear.


4th car I went in, and it was the best one out of he 4, a mini, a golf, and a gt500, the escort, in was I was ok to overtake and put me foot down, which did give a good feeling to the end of a good day which was very enjoyable, i would recommend this experience and all the staff and visitors were friendly and cheerful, one thing is get there earlier than the due time, as the queue was quite long, although it did move reasonably quickly.

Ron goring

What a great drive of an iconic car, I was able to drive it hard with great guidance from my instructor. The team were all working hard to keep everything flowing. Well done all.

Adam Davidson

Just been on my Ford 4 car classics experience day at Blyton Park. Drove the Speed Mustang, GT40, Toyota Supra (as the Lotus Cortina had apparently been destroyed the previous day) and the Mk1 Escort. I enjoyed drivng all four cars and the instructors were excellent. I particularly enjoyed the Mk1 Escort as it took me back to my youth and it turned out the instructor and myself had something in common, this being our involvement with Dave Sutton of the rallying world from some 40 years plus ago. Anyone thinking of booking these experiences I would definitely recommend. The whole day was well organised and the waiting times between drives was minimal which was a credit to the staff as there were considerable numbers taking part . All in all the event more than lived up to my expectations and on the journey home I was already discussing wih my daughter about my next visit, which hopefully won't take so long to arrange (no more pandemics please). Thanks again to all the staff involved on putting on a great day, I can't remember going to an event where everyone including the spectators were smiling and appeared to be having a fantastic day. Thanks for the memories Blyton staff.


Bought an experience by my son. Wow! What a day. Brilliant instructors and cars which you were encouraged to really put through their paces. Great fun.

Tim Potter

I was gifted the Ford Classics driving experience for my birthday, I booked through Car Chase Heroes at Castle Combe circuit. The organisation was great from start to finish and nothing was too much trouble including adding extras on the day. All the cars I chose were available on the day and my partner and daughter got to share my experience by taking part in the high speed lap, staff were friendly and helpful as were all the instructors, I would definitely recommend Car Chase Heroes for your experience. Thank you.

Rachel Collins

amazing cars brilliant background staff very competent drivers taking you through the track to try get the best out of the car already have another 6 cars lined up to drive in 2022 very much recommended to all

Nick Foster

Amazing day thank you so much my son had the best time got cancelled last year due to covid but was so worth the wait amazing helpful staff really brilliant day out will definitely be back Thank you

Emma Cureton

Fantastic driving experience in the Mark 1 Escort. Really enjoyable drive with Dave Piggot, lots of good tips. I would highly recommend this drive.

Raymond Scorgie

Totally awesome absolutely brilliant great day all round

Allan Hodgson

Absolute blast to drive - a real stripped down bare bones car. Only drawback was that I didn't realise it was LHD when I booked - and haven't driven LHD before, so this affected my confidence slightly to begin with. Smoothed things out after the first lap though, great fun


Loved this little car, it's a great thing to drive and is very responsive, great in the corners and very fun. If you want a fast car go for a Ferrari or something new but if you want something for enjoyment I would reccomend this one. The brakes have a bit of travel on them which did make me slightly s**t myself before a corner but once I got used to it I was loving it.

Thomas Rowlands

I received a General Lee driving experience as a birthday present. Whe I booked I decided to add on the Escort RS mark 1 as a bonus! It was busy on the day and I drove the Escort first which was amazing. The instructor Josh was great, giving advice which meant going a bit faster into the bends that I might on the road!!! A great thrill. My partner was unwell and there was a bit of a wait for the General Lee, so I asked if I could swap for ‘something old’ so we could leave sooner. Laura was fantastic, swapped me onto the Corvette and off with Adam. I wouldn’t want to drive one all the time but on a track with great advice was fun. A bit scary on the brakes, like a massive gust of wind has caught you, even when you take it easy, and when you really mean it you do have to stand on them!!! I suspect I’d have enjoyed it more if I hadn’t just been in the Escort (love them!). Overall a great experience. Lots of hanging around, but they do tell you that before you go. Cheers


Excellent family day out.if your into driving fast cars this place is a must .I drove at tockwith track and would defiantly do it again


After my Mrs gave me the surprise this morning that I was gonna be doing 6 laps in a car that I've dreamt about since the age of 4 I've not stopped smiling this iconic car is in my eyes the greatest car made ever the fact that it's you and the car no driver aids nothing makes the experience 100% better the whole day is a true petrol heads heaven and something I'll be doing again and bringing friends and colleagues along to experience the day

Brian Anthony milner

Had 6 laps today, overtook a corvette!! Pleanty of power to punch around the corners and an instructor that pushes you to keep getting better, would recommend more than 3 laps, after a confidence increases and you can really the most out of it. Perfect car for the tracks with few straights, can really go round the corners. Fantastic day, thankyou

Nathan Brickwood