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Where dreams are made! My 11 yr old has the best day ever! He got to drive not 1 but 4 super cars! Excellent experience, staff, and organisation, we will definitely be booking again.

Lisa Horton

What a fantastic day! Driving the Ferrari California was brilliant. The Porsche 911 was a very tired car and broke down a bit later on in the day. But the best experience for me was going out with driver Stuart on a very hot lap in the BMW experience which left a great big smile on my face for the rest of the day.

Richard P

Although there was a bit of confusion as my original car was not available I finally got to drive the Ferrari California and both Porsche 911 and Cayman. Ferrari was beautiful to drive but best was Cayman as he allowed me to push it to limit. Loved it as always

Joanne Hartley

My 12 year old son had an amazing day today. He was unsure about driving himself but Gareth was amazing and patient with him. He convinced him to have a go and Tom was over the moon. He said it was the best day of his life. Thank you so much. He can’t wait to revisit now.