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If you're a real petrol head with a need for speed, look no further than our Corvette. When you start flying around one of our multiple track locations, you'll be begging for extra laps in the stars and stripes Corvette. With packages starting at just £49, a race in the Corvette is the perfect driving experience for any car enthusiast! 

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This iconic American race car is a unique experience from Car Chase Heroes. 600+ BHP, huge V8 engine, amazing noise, race car handling and you can drive it!!..

Take a look at the video from Laguna Seca!


A BENTWATERS MUSCLE CAR EXPERIENCE Whilst the experience of driving 3 American Muscle cars did not disappoint at all. It was great even putting up with the entry and exit from the Stingray, it could not have been better. Unfortunately the day was let down with the lack of signs telling people where to go in fact there were no signs and "Go to the black tent" when there are four of them didn`t help the two young ladies, trying to sort out who went with which car etc., Also I think that when you are selling a `T` shirt at £15, it should not have been able to be blown from it`s hanger onto the dusty floor several times. One other thing might be an idea to inform people that there may be a wait, so a fold up chair might be good to bring.

Graham Cresswell

Man alive that was a fantastic experience. I was expecting a stock Corvette but this was a full bore - hard core - racing machine. Absolutely no creature comfort. Just power fantastic guidance and feedback from my instructor who pushed me to go faster than I had expected to go. The car (in fact all of the cars I drove) were not in showroom condition and a valet wouldn't have gone a miss, but that was all forgiven as the driving experience was so rewarding.


This Car is off the scale, complete monster!! LHD and no power steering, but the power on the straights is totally incredible, and that engine sound!! This is a race car not a stock Corvette, way more of a car then I expected at first look. Having the Instructor sat next to you telling you when to put on the power and egging you on means you can just put the accelerator to the floor without worrying to much about the rapidly approaching corner, he WILL tell you when to brake before its too late so you get the most out of the rush of flooring this beast!!