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Yesterday I drove A VERY BIG CAR TRANSPORTER, just the thing. what an empowering and fun thing to do when you turn 70. Terrific tuition, a warm welcome and an efficient system on a busy day all made it a fabulous birthday present from a great friend. Just the sort of thing to kick start your confidence!


I have always wanted to drive a big rig. Unfortunately, on the day it wasn't available. However, that didn't ruin the experience. Far from it. My instructor was laid back and made me feel comfortable. Didn't catch his name. Surprising how easy it was to drive and manoeuvre. 20 mins driving including some reverse manoeuvres with the trailer. Great experience. The staff were amazing from start to finish. Big shout to Garry, Travis, the young lady at registration with blonde hair, and the young man with long dark hair sorting out drivers in the pit lane and helped secure me in the Ariel atom. Top job everybody. Will highly recommend your company for car experiences.

Michael malbon