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The Toyota Supra, eye catchingly brilliant to look at, some would say one of the best engines ever built in the twin-turbocharged, iron-block, 3.0-liter overbuilt powerhouse from Japan. The car, using aluminium componants as much as possible in an effort to imporve the power to weight ratio and assist with handling and breaking. A super car that was there to compete with the likes of Porsche and Ferrari but with half their price tag!

The car of choice for Brian O'Conner.......well second time round! This really is a quick car and something very special to drive. Part of the 'Fast and Furious' historic garage, come and drive this legend and feel the pace of its 426hp twin-turbo engine!

Vehicle Stats

“Two-jay-zee engine, no shit... This will decimate all,” Jesse said in the original Fast and Furious movie 

Vehicle - Toyota Supra 2JZ

Power Unit - 3.0L  Twin-Turbo

Horsepower - 326 bhp

Torque - 330 lb. -ft

0 - 60mph - 4.9 Seconds

Top Speed - 155mph

Made Famous By - The car apeared in the first film in the 'Fast and Furious' franchise. 


This car is so responsive and fast, I was nervous at first since I was expecting it to be an automatic but it is in fact a manual. Despite this, I loved every single second of it. Thank you for making my day. P.S. I am 11.

Charlie Dent

This car is so responsive and the power is instant! I was very nervous when I first got there but the instructor was great and I was soon very relaxed and thrashing this car around the circuit. I was also allowed an extra lap after getting held up on the first couple.

Jake Darnley

I bought this driving experience for my 15 year old sister and she absolutely loved it. The instructor she had was really good with her as she had never driven a car before, would definitely recommend

Keleigh Vernon

Really great session, very good instructor, it was his first time working with these guys and my first time on a track. Would love do it again and next time get the dvd. Very well organised. (10/9/16)

Andrew Steventon

Hi there just had to say what a amazing day we had with the car chase heros at blyton . everything was perfect It was our first time and all your team made us so welcome from start to finish.made it a great memorie for me my husband and our sons 13th birthday

Donna-Lee Lusher