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The Toyota Supra, eye catching, brilliant to look at, some would say one of the best engines ever built in the twin-turbocharged, iron-block, 3.0-liter overbuilt powerhouse from Japan. The car, using aluminium components as much as possible in an effort to improve the power to weight ratio and assist with handling and breaking. A super car that was there to compete with the likes of Porsche and Ferrari but with half their price tag!

The car of choice for Brian O'Conner.......well second time round! This really is a quick car and something very special to drive. Part of the 'Fast and Furious' historic garage, come and drive this legend and feel the pace of its 426hp twin-turbo engine!

Vehicle Stats

“Two-jay-zee engine, no shit... This will decimate all,” Jesse said in the original Fast and Furious movie 

Vehicle - Toyota Supra 2JZ

Power Unit - 3.0L  Twin-Turbo

Horsepower - 326 bhp

Torque - 330 lb. -ft

0 - 60mph - 4.9 Seconds

Top Speed - 155mph

Transmission - Manual

Made Famous By - The car apeared in the first film in the 'Fast and Furious' franchise. 


Fantastic day out Girls at front desk Georgia and Rachel were very helpful and friendly My 10 year old loved it


Absolutely loved today this was bought as a present for me, Paul was extremely patient with me as he did my first drive with me and was great! Magoo was also amazing so funny calm and helpful and made me smile and also Josh who I did my last drive with who was amazing and so friendly too! Had such a good day Thankyou guys

Liv letford

this thing was a weapon would highly recommend if you like to drive fast


Booked an experience for two fast and furious cars back in December of 2021, Was for the Northampton venue being the only one having the preferred cars, so I came from 2 hours away. Unfortunately the two cars I would have liked (R34 and R32) weren't available, but the members were really nice and understanding, we went to the board and picked out two other cars, I still really wanted to drive something with a turbo, to get a first time feel for one! So I ended up picking the V8 R8 and the Fast and Furious Supra. The R8 was quite nice, this being my first time It was more of a lap to learn the track rather than try the car out, I went out in automatic but would of definitely been able to go with paddles, I guess I was just clueless at that moment, after that drive I got a good feel for the track and the car was nice, I mostly heard the Huracan screaming past me haha! And now came that Supra, after I was done with the R8 I was halfway into the day by then, and EVERYONE wanted to drive the Supra, meaning the queue was pushed back for the whole day and even longer! And the venue would close at 5. Now I was about 7th on the list by the time the venue was nearing to a close, the staff were recommending people waiting for the Supra to move to a quieter car, but I wouldn't give up, I was eager! It's a once in a childhood opportunity for me (I definitely will own a supra when I'm older;) ) So after going up to the stand many times to ask if I will make it in the end, my name was called, just at the end of the day, they were able to squeeze me in, you should have seen the smile on my face as I was getting into the Supra I was waiting all day for, all the harness and gear, the stick shift, It looked and felt great, at this point I wished I had booked more laps for this, I only had 2, and it was the end of the day, I couldn't get any extras, so I had to make the move of these two laps, as I got on the track and floored it, I slowly accelerate for a few second, but when the TWIN TURBOES kick it shifts like crazy, I could definitely feel it, I need to work on my downshifts, but that was the best 2 laps I ever had, the blow-off after each shift was amazing. I came back with a huge smile on my face bigger than when I left, talked with a great guy who I didn't get his name unfortunately but we talked car stuff, and I would love to help on the cars and venues whenever I can on weekends! I would definitely rebook if I can one day and would totally recommend to all of yous, and if you do, get something with a Turbo, you won't regret it;) I came here hoping to hear the turbo, but I got one better, TWIN TURBOES BABY!! Thank you.

Alex Roscoe

Amazing. All the staff but especially the instructors put my son at ease, he’s never driven before. He loved the Supra and the Skyline the same. The R8 was super fast! Today has been declared the best birthday ever. Next time I shall be driving too. Thank you for a well Organised and brilliant experience

Marianne Bayes

Was a fantastic time, finally got to drive me dream car. I said I'd give Brian a 5 star reviews, 5 stars good man????????

Nathan Hextall

The Supra is amazing. Looks stunning and drives great with the right imput it will grip the corners like a dream and as soon as the turbos spool it goes

Harry Charalambous

I was recently at car chase heroes for my experience in a Toyota SUPRA. I had an excellent day, the power was frankly unbelievable. I got into the supra, looked at my surroundings and thought “wow, is that a supra”, it was almost like I was in a dream. In addition to this, the 2JZ GTE engine purred like a kitten. I’d also like to give and exceptional review to my driving instructor Marcus, he was incredibly helpful, friendly and a very good driver. Would recommend to anyone.


Have just got back from a car chase heroes track day at Heyford Park booked as a birthday present for my 14 year old godson Ed Clark. He got to drive 6 cars and had the best day even the torrential rain didn't dampen his spirits!!The instructors were brilliant and I was told to mention Dom and Bear specifically.

Keeley Andrews

Had a go in this today at RAF Honington, this thing is an animal a must drive for any petrol head.

Josh Curtis

Had a great day at Bovington as the track is wide and invites you to squeeze that throttle. Was looking forward to driving one of my favourite cars and loved it a lot, the instructor was very friendly and out me at ease straight away. The Supra was what i always imagined it would be and hearing that woosh-tishhh from the drivers seat was amazing. Highly recommended

vladimiro goncalves

Many thanks for a fantastic day at Tibenham Gliding Club in Norfolk on Friday 3 May 2019. Tibenham is a great location with excellent facilities and a great track for driving experiences. All the staff on the day were very helpful, friendly and it was very well organised by Car Chase Heroes. I highly recommend Car Chase Heroes to anyone who would like a high speed adrenaline packed day, fantastic chose of cars to drive. Will suit any petrol head. Looking forward to another high speed experience in the future.

Janet White

This is an amazing car. The instructor was amazing. I will be back soon because I loved it that much. My girlfriend bought me the experience for my 15th birthday (junior driving experience) but there's no difference in the quality of driving. Good organisation and nice kind people

Myles hewitt

This car is so responsive and fast, I was nervous at first since I was expecting it to be an automatic but it is in fact a manual. Despite this, I loved every single second of it. Thank you for making my day. P.S. I am 11.

Charlie Dent

This car is so responsive and the power is instant! I was very nervous when I first got there but the instructor was great and I was soon very relaxed and thrashing this car around the circuit. I was also allowed an extra lap after getting held up on the first couple.

Jake Darnley

I bought this driving experience for my 15 year old sister and she absolutely loved it. The instructor she had was really good with her as she had never driven a car before, would definitely recommend

Keleigh Vernon

Really great session, very good instructor, it was his first time working with these guys and my first time on a track. Would love do it again and next time get the dvd. Very well organised. (10/9/16)

Andrew Steventon

Hi there just had to say what a amazing day we had with the car chase heros at blyton . everything was perfect It was our first time and all your team made us so welcome from start to finish.made it a great memorie for me my husband and our sons 13th birthday

Donna-Lee Lusher