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Camaro SS – The Chevrolet Camaro SS is an iconic American Muscle car, seen in plenty of on-screen action over the years, possibly most famously in the Fast and Furious films. Our 1969 SS has a crazy 580 bhp from its 8 litre big block V8 engine, adjustable air suspension and wide custom wheels. It won’t break any lap records but its straight-line performance is staggering and it is a brilliant driving experience that you will never forget...

Vehicle Stats

Let rip in the 1969 Camaro SS, the very definition of all-American Muscle. Feel the wind through your hair as you put your foot to the floor and enjoy one of the greatest driving experiences out there! 

Transmission - LHD Automatic


Have always wanted to drive one of these and now I have. If you want to go really fast I would not reccomend this one as it's quite the beast to tame when it comes to corners and the brakes with the slightest touch your face falls off.. but on the straight it's a great feeling to put your foot down! Would reccomend if you just want the experience and love muscle cars.

Thomas Rowlands

This car goes as good as it looks, sounds amazing as it takes off down the straight, forget all that modern assist just enjoy a propper muscle car


I went on 24 June 2017. The one of the cars I picked was being worked on (Camaro SS) so I was asked to pick another car. Easy choice, Dodge Charger General Lee. That was a dream car for me as a kid so to have this chance was wow. I drove another car after but found it not to my liking, not a car issue but more me. The instructor gave me the option to get another car but I decided to stick with the car I had. At the end he put me down for two laps in other car. Lucky for me the Camaro SS was ready so I got to drive that car on two laps. I expected the day to be good but found it to be great. The staff/people there are very helpful and do try make sure you had a great time. I will come back again sometime soon.

Mike Lee

Wow wat a monster the Camaro ss is. Was due to drive the general Lee but he was poorly. But what a more than worthy substitute the Camaro was. It's an absolute beast. I loved it. The instructor barry was awesome . Only Lil down side. When waiting to be called everyone waits by pit entrance as told and have to stand love to hear your name hence blockin pit exit ladies calling people Shud have bull horn or Pa. Over all awesome day loved it

Matt Hosey