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Henry Ford II had wanted a Ford at Le Mans since the early 1960s. In early 1963, Ford reportedly received word through a European intermediary that Enzo Ferrari was interested in selling to Ford Motor Company. Talks were cut off due to Ferrari, who wanted to remain the sole operator of his company's motor sports division was told they would not be allowed to compete at the Indie 500 and compete with Ford's own cars.  Enzo cut the deal off out of spite and Henry Ford II, enraged, directed his racing division to find a company that could build a Ferrari-beater on the world endurance-racing circuit. After a time, Ford turned to Carroll Shelby of Shelby American & A Le Man winner himself, and the rest as they say is history.

The Ford GT40 is surely one of the most famous and iconic racing cars of all time, winning the World's greatest race: The LeMans 24 Hours 4 times in a row, 1966, '67, '68 and '69! The name GT40 is not random and comes from the cars tiny body that is only 40 inches off the ground! The MK II's first victory at Le Mans in 1966 came from Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon and it continued to dominate for the next four years.

This is your chance to drive a re-creation of one of the greatest racing cars ever built!!

"My Name is Carroll Shelby... An I Build Race Cars!"

Vehicle Stats

"You go to Le Mans and beat his ass..." Henry Ford II

Vehicle - 1964 MK II Ford GT40

Power Unit - 427 V8

Horsepower - 485 bhp

Torque - 475 lb. -ft

0 - 100mph - 8.0 Seconds

Top Speed - 215 mph

Transmission - Manual

Made Famous By - Won the Le Mans 24 hour race 4 times in a row between 1966 and 1969.


Briliiant!!!! Brilliant brilliant !!!! Once I'd poured myself into the car (I'm tall and a bit cudddly!!) the feel the smell the heat and Im in heaven the sun was setting flaring on the windscreen ... and we're off . I have never felt so connected to a car and it's all over too soon I WILL be doing it again

Steve Meldrum

Don't normally write reviews, but have to say my day on Abingdon was amazing, The staff were very polite, helpful, driving instructors made you feel relaxed and which enable me to enjoy even more driving these cars, I was driving the 4 Ford car classic, by far the best was the GT40. Will certainly booking up again especially at this track. Thanks Car Chase Heroes


Unfortunately this iconic car wasn't available last time I came along, a previous driver exploded the gearbox, so was really happy to come back again and drive this fantastic car. Firstly, my instructor for the day (July 31st), Sam, was superb. He gave me loads of info about the car and was really sensible about looking after this fabulous machine too. Seriously cramped (even for a a normal 5 ft 8 sized guy as I am, really hot and noisy - I loved it. The drive was great, and as always over far too quickly but had a great drive and Sam made sure everything was safe with all the other cars about. A fantastic car and a fantastic driving experience. It might not have had the out and out speed of other easier to drive cars like the GTR and Lambos etc, but it has been my favourite car experience of all the ones I've ever had. Thanks all at Car Chase Heroes, thanks Mr Ford for a fantastic car and thansk Sam for making the drive really great.

Gareth Bollen

The GT40 was just an out of this world experience, looking in the side view mirror vibrating in unison with the engine seeing a silhouette of a car behind and feeling the heat of the engine on your back whilst guiding the car through a corner easing the power on to maintain grip made me feel like Ken Miles heading towards the finish line Le Mans in 66 with Bruce McLaren close behind. I was smiling ear to ear during the drive and wished I had unlimited time driving this legend of a car. Pure drivers car with no aids, just you the car and tarmac.


3 rd time lucky to Drive GT40, as broken on 2 previous occasions. Well worth the wait and exceptional experience


It was an absolute dream to drive such an iconic car as the GT40. The instructors were very knowledgeable and gave very good feedback. Such a fantastic experience. Highly recommended !


Had an amazing day, the cars were great to drive and my instructor for both cars, Brian, was really friendly and helpful and made the day even more enjoyable.


Abingdon 31/7 Well organised by friendly, polite staff. COVID measures well in place - hand sanitizer stations, cars sprayed between drives, masks being worn etc. Social distancing a bit lacking round entry point to track due to public casual approach. The instructors are always good. Dan helped me get the best out of this iconic car with breaking points, lines etc. He handled the situation well when the engine cover became unclipped. He offered to add on my remaining laps to my second car but fortunately the GT40 was fixed quickly and I was able to complete the laps a few minutes later. The whole experience of 2 drives plus passenger ride took about 2 hours. I see lots of comments saying it’s a rip off and a pressure sell for extra laps or cars or the videos but the staff are very polite and you can always say no thanks! I did suggest to staff that a drop box for the USB is provided to save having to queue up to hand it in if, like me, you don’t want to have the video or pictures. Also a sign showing entrance off the main road is needed - I wasn’t the only one who missed the turning!

Nigel Moxon

Another great day at Castle Combe, the team was so helpful when the car developed a problem and sorted me out with another car of my choice, they really go the extra mile, cant praise them highly enough! Thanks guys!

Ian Goddard

The best driving experience of my life. The GT40 is what real driving is all about with no computers to interfere with the fun. Add an excellent instructor and it really is an experience of a lifetime. The only downside is that all other cars seem dull compared to this icon. It also makes watching Le Man's 66 more special.


I have done track day events but driving this car is the best petrol head experience ever. The instructor was brilliant and the car was awesome. If your a petrol head this car is fundamental and raw. And you get to use at a reasonable pace. Loved it and a big thankyou to chase car hero's and the excellent instructor


I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in the Ford GT40 & I totally respect the drivers who raced it flat out in Le Mans for 24 hours! The car itself is an iconic masterpiece & every petrolhead or motorsports fan should drive it to hear it singing the most beautiful noises from the engine bay, which is just behind the drivers seat . My instructor Max was fantastically professional & was so cheerful & helpful & really loved his job helping me get the most of my experience. Thank you so much for a lifelong memory & I’m already itching for another go.


A great experience ! - can't understand why a few people writing reviews have been so churlish ! A good morning, I drove 4 cars (1 modern, 3 classic); where else can you get to drive a historic Mustang race car ?? I thought it well organised, the staff were friendly, and the instructors helpful and knowledgeable. Thanks Car Chase Heroes for a great experience.

Simon Alabaster

Had a great day yesterday, very busy and cold but was expecting that. Well looked after by Dobby on check-in, he talked my two daughters into taking laps in the Ariel Atom, which they thought was fantastic! I was booked in for 6 laps in the GT40, but he let me up it to 10 laps, and I was glad as it gave me more time to get used to the car. It was all you would expect from a car of its time, cramped (I am quite tall) , loud, and no power steering or brake assist. Once on the move we kept in fourth, but with the power of the engine that was not a problem, and I really had to stand on the brakes to slow it for the corners. The instructor was very good, with lots of advice (slow it down! Slow it down! used more than once!) I now have even more admiration for the drivers who raced them for real. I jumped (!) out of that and into the Atom for a passenger ride, realising then how driving fast should be done! All in all, a great day. Thank you. I would love to know the history of that particular GT40.

Steve Evans

My event took place on 9th November at Tockwith Motorsports Centre, near York, a typical airfield circuit. I really liked the mix of short and longer straights, chicanes and long left hand corners. Although there were a fair number of cars on track at all times, the organisation of the event and expertise of the driving instructors made traffic not a problem; there was real opportunity to open it up on the straight! Although I was booked to drive the GT40, I also opted for the Shelby Cobra; I wanted to try the Mustang GT350 as well, but it was just too popular for me to wait in the time available to me at the venue. I wanted these cars, because they epitomised my early teenage years. The day was BITTERLY cold, so by the time I was called for my first drive, I was shivering uncontrollably. The first drive was in the Cobra. Very short cockpit, very difficult to get into, awful driving position, with steering wheel in chest. Monstrously heavy clutch, heavy brakes, heavy steering. Open side pipes, shatteringly noisy. GREAT! Although I had already done some passenger sighting laps, I was glad I drove the Cobra first, because it enabled me to experience the circuit from a driver's perspective before my 'main car'. The Cobra was exhilarating, but let down by the driving position in my opinion - typical of the ear I suppose. The instructor was patient, guiding me on my first, tentative lap; my total of three laps were over all too quickly. A few minutes later, I was called to the GT40, still shivering. To enter the drivers seat required standing on the seat cushion, before sliding down to sit, then duck while the instructor closed the door before I could raise my head into the roof bubble. Right from the start, the instructor was fantastic, an older guy (young by my standards!) and really enthusiastic about the car and getting the best out of it. Master switch on, throttle down, turn the key, MUSIC. Because the gear linkage has to travel right to the back of the car, the selection was quite notchy, but it suited me immediately - slow, positive movements and very rewarding changes. Set off in 3rd, with no throttle, oodles of torque. I was asked to use only 3rd and 4th gear until my final lap pit entry, when 2nd was used. Pick up - INSTANTANEOUS Accelaration - FANTASTIC Steering - VERY RESPONSIVE and suprisingly light when under way Cornering - FLAT Brakes - REASSURING. My first lap was exploratory, but, encouraged by my instructor, I began to open it up more, with plenty of throttle, rapid acceleration and fine sound up the short straight. I think you can tell I enjoyed it; in fact I am not ashamed to say that it brought me to tears when I emerged at the end of my 7 laps; still does when I think about it. I hope my thank you and handshake with the instructor conveyed my feelings adequately - FABULOUS.

Alan Young

Beyond words! The GT40 has always stood out to me as a pinnacle of GT racing, never would I have dreamed I'd get the chance to drive one. The car came alive the harder I pushed, nothing comes close to that experience. A massive thank you to Taylor, my instructor for the drive, who helped push me as a driver to get the most out of my experience. All the staff were extremely friendly, and willing to answer any questions.

Matthew Sell

Received a 5 car package as a gift from my wife, booked the Abingdon track the team at car chase heroes were fantastic from booking right through to getting photos at the end. They were all friendly and professional and I drove so many vehicles from my childhood will definitely book again and drive the others that I didn’t drive on the day. All the instructors were excellent and they give you you plenty of encouragement


Drove the GT40 at Kemble on Sunday 11th March. It was a gift from my son and daughter in law for my 60th birthday. Wow!! On arrival, we were marshalled to a car park space, and on walking towards the sign in area, we could hear the sounds of screeching wheels and roaring engines. Perfect start. Decided to take the sighting laps, and a ride in the Ariel Atom as a passenger. The GT40 was exactly as I expected, with no power steering or servo brakes. I opted for extra laps, and would advise this option. It took on or two laps to get "bedded in", then was able to push harder for the remaining laps. Dan, the instructor was brilliant. Many thanks to him. When the time arrived for my passenger ride in the Atom, I was already buzzing with excitement. I cannot put into words how exciting the ride was. Never have I felt such exhilaration on acceleration. It was fantastic. So much so, my son also decided to have a go. It put massive smiles on our faces. Cannot wait to return again.

Les Jones

Loved this experience. A very different super car to drive than others I have driven but all the more special for it. I've never driven anything with so much power but so little breaking ability! Great, great fun. This was the iconic super car from my childhood and completely lived up to expectations. Thank you!

Jason Peacock

Went to Throckmorton on Sunday and the lovely Jo looked after me superbly in the Ford GT40, such a well organised event and can't thank you guys enough for the ride of my life, would recommend this to anybody and great value for money will be back next year

Russell petty

i got this experience for my wife Julie and she had the drive of her life. She said it was the best birthday present ever, she didn't stop smiling all day. The event is really,really well organised and the experience for her was enhanced because the instructor that she had made her feel totally at ease.. Many thanks for everything

Max Knowles

Hi Tom, just a quick note to say thanks for the tremendous experience I had on Sunday, from the excellent drive briefing from your Head Instructor(sorry do not remember his name) the Ladies carrying out the log-in and photos, the Car maintenance teams and Instructors they all did a brilliant job. The feeling was that they all made it easy for your clients to get everything they wanted out of the experience, which was certainly true in my case, the car looked great in the Gulf livery and driving it was so different to some of the other "Supercars" I have driven in that it was a real experience of a 1966-69 Le Mans car with no power steering or brakes just the feel and smell of a car built for the sole purpose of taking the Le Mans Crown from Ferrari. From the moment I got into the car it seemed that it was built for me as the position of the seat, pedals and steering wheel were all exactly as I would have set them and also my special thanks go to Tim for his first class instruction on braking points/gears and track use which made my day so special. Once again Thanks Tom, a great day out !!!!!

Bob Isherwood