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Ferrari Cali T

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Ferrari. The most powerful brand in the world, synonymous with speed, luxury and wealth. For me, when you say Ferrari, I think of some of the most beautiful cars ever designed, by legends like Sergio Scaglietti and Pininfarina, cars like the 250 GTO, 250 GT California and the 288 GTO to name just a few.

When understanding that the phrase, True Ferrari, refers to Ferraris designed under Enzo's reign, the 348 along with the F40 were the last all new cars commissioned and overseen by Enzo and they closely follow the principles of the Enzo era Ferraris.  The 348 was also the final design overseen by chief stylist Leonardo Fioravanti of Pininfarina, known for such designs as the Ferrari F40, Ferrari Daytona, Ferrari 512 Berlinetta, Ferrari 288 GTO, P5 and P6 and others.

The 348 is such an important car in Ferrari's history, the last mid-engine V8 that Enzo himself signed off. Drive a piece of history in this fantastic car.

Vehicle Stats

"Enzo Ferraris last car, a true Ferrari. Born from the same pedigree as the F40, the 348 is a true icon."

Vehicle - Ferrari California T

Power Unit - 3.9L V8 Turbo

Horsepower - 552 bhp 

Torque -557 lb. -ft

0 - 60mph - 3.6 Seconds

Top Speed - 196 mph

Transmission - RHD Paddle shift

Made Famous By - It's a Ferrari!


Fantastic experience! I really enjoyed myself yesterday at Perranporth, the check in was slick and it wasn’t long before I found myself in the first car. I would advise to save up or splash out on the five car experience and extended laps, it’s not often that you get a chance to drive beautiful cars at speed. I drove an Evo X, Boxter, R8, Ferrari California and a Caterham, (bear in mind there were lots of Lambos and Maclarens and many others to chose from). All the instructors were great and I was lucky enough to get big boss John in the California, very experienced and calm. All in all I would highly recommend doing it and I shall start saving up for my next one!… Thanks all round

Adam Oates

**Awesome** Just driven the 348 at Honington. Many thanks to the instructor and the organizers. Comment on the car - **Awesome** Can't stop smiling

Steven Pyatt

If you want to drive a real car that you can feel ever part of the track with then book this, it's a mega car to drive. No modern trick toys to help you out, really pure, exciting driving experience.


I drove the 348 with Eduardo as my 2nd drive of the day. He was very skilled at helping me navigate the course. Having always wanted to drive Ferrari this was amazing. He took the roof off and we had a fabulous three laps - Castle Combe was a brilliant circuit to drive around. Worth Every penny

Paul Bayly