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A truck experience refers to 20 minutes driving time.

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Ever wondered what it's like to drive a truck? Well here's your chance! Drive Blendini's own transporter in a driving experience like no other. With slalom and reverse parking challenges, a day in our truck is the perfect day out for those with a competitive nature. 

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Trucking! This is your chance to experience taking control of a 45 foot race car transporter and attempt to navigate around our specially designed course including a slalom and reverse parking challenges!! Ever wondered 'how hard can it be?...' Now is your chance to find out!!..

Truck experiences are availabe on the same dates as our car experiences, please see the calendar page. Truck driving is not available at Goodwood


What a fantastic day my hubby and I had at Caerwent yesterday. Thank you for a wonderfully personal and friendly experience ... every member of your staff was helpful, courteous, friendly and had plenty of time for everyone. I drove the large Juggernaut with Jeff .... he was absolutely brilliant!! My hubby drove the classic Cobra and had an amazing drive around the track. Then I finished my drive as a passenger in the Atom ... what an experience that was!!! Thank you all for a brilliant day .... and I can highly recommend Car Chase Heroes to everyone.... what a fantastic bunch of people you all are. Thank you xx

Sue Ball

Now in my early 60s, I had always wanted to drive a large lorry and was over the moon when my wife bought me this as a gift for Christmas. Having opted for the duo truck package (Optimus and the modern cab with trailer) I was not at all disappointed. Optimus wasn't easy to drive (manual non-synchro gearbox and a very heavy clutch) but was great fun. The Volvo unit with attached trailer was much easier and comfortable and I was rather chuffed to have not knocked any cones over during the various tasks given by the instructor, e.g. reversing, manoeuvring through tight spaces, weaving etc. The 20 minutes allocated to each truck doesn't sound like long, but it was enough. The venue was the only thing that let the experience down as the facilities were very bare and basic - though we were advised of this ahead of the event - with everything being in the open; not ideal on a very cold morning. The staff were terrific - friendly, polite and enthusiastic - and the whole event was well organised, though it did seem to take a while to get started (we were there for an 08:30 start) as the vehicles (including the cars) had to be warmed up - couldn't they have done this before the punters arrived? In all, a great experience and a well organised event.

Trevor Elliott

Had a brilliant experience driving the truck with the expert instructor Neil. Would recommend to anyone wanting to just have a go at something a little bit different. Not my usual Sunday activity put purchased as a 60th birthday present and loved it. Thank you to everyone that was involved in making today a memorable one, from the cup of tea in the cafe to Neil in the cab, just great.

Susan Willis

what a fantastic day from start to finish, the guys on the truck driving experience were brilliant. Special thanks go to DOBBY for his banter and background music I would highly recommend the day to anyone . many many thanks

gordon sharp

I opted to drive the truck as a test to see if I would like to get my hgv license. Dobby, my instructor was absolutely amazing. I explained the reasoning behind me doing the experience, and he put me through my paces - slalom between cones, reversing and blind reversing! I must have done well as he scored me 96 out of 100! He was very good and very happy with my driving! I’m now looking to upgrade my license when I can afford it, or convince my employer to train me! Thank you Car Chase Heroes and especially thank you to Dobby

Linda Burge

What an amazing experience! From start to finish the customer service we received was brilliant. We were able to have a great laugh with the boss at Abingdon as well as the guy that took us out in the truck. The actually experience was a superb but the service we received was second to none. Now get the double decker bus in and we will be back in a shot! Thank you for a great day all Naomi


I was given a truck driving experience by my husband for Christmas. I am in my 70's and I enjoyed every minute of it, mainly because of Adam, my instructor. He was patient, kind and very knowledgeable and made me feel a real sense of achievement.


I booked the truck experience for my hubby as an xmas present which he finally got today - was an awesome pressie & whilst I was there I went as a passenger in the Ariel Atom - That is hands down the best thing I've done - it beats any roller coaster ride you can ever go on & the only problem is because it goes so fast it's over in a flash - was awesome though & would recommend it to anyone for both truck & car experience :D

Ruth Nicholaidis

Hi Guy's, just wanted to say what a great experience the Truck driving was at Abingdon this weekend. Never driven anything so big before (only 7.5 ton or car & trailer) and to be let loose on a 12.7ltr Volvo Truck with 40' trailer was fantastic, once the instructor realised I kind of knew the basics and could reverse o.k. we went through the whole course a few times even inventing new manoeuvres to complete. Instructor was brilliant and I was very pleased with the "perfecto!" mark he gave me, cheers. Anyone doing this experience, I would recommend taking the extra 20 minutes and make it really worthwhile. 10/10*

Steve Saunders

Dream come true, absolutely loved every second driving the lorry with trailer & my instructor was great. Can't wait to go again!


I visited today at Abingdon with my husband and we both had an awesome day driving the truck! The instructor that we had was very friendly and helped make the experience even more memorable. Thank you!

Laura Arnel

I visited the Throckmorton circuit today to drive the truck, what a great day and experience.The staff were brilliant and patient.Ian was my guide around the course and was great.My nephew and niece also had a go in the atom and really loved it.

Kerry brunt

Go for it!!! I bought my husband the truck drive for a birthday prezzie so was hoping it would be good. It was everything you want...fab staff, great vehicles and excellent time driving. There are drinks and hot sandwiches available for a good price too incase you book the early slot like we did. It was well worth it there. I did actually ask if there was any spaces for my young son to have a go in the lightning mcQueen car and they gor him straight on. I have no criticisms about this place at all and would definitely recommend it to you. *****


Had a great time driving your truck at the Abingdon site, Martin was a great instructor. Only thing that spoilt it was the waiting as no one really new who was next in line to go more communication needed . Great experience and would recommend 100%. Many thanks.


The time slots were a joke. 5 people all booked for 10:30 (one of them was me) and it was 12:00 before I got my turn. Luckily the instructor,Martin, was brilliant and was able to get me into the spirit with his great guidance and instruction. Fascinating experience aside of the poorly organised time slots.


Had a fantastic time. Your trainer is a credit to your company, very friendly and knowledgeable. Would definitely do it again.

Marie Wenden