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Ford's new Mustang, the 2016 Mustang GT V8 with an extra kick from those amazing people at Roush Performance!

A true modern muscle car with loads of power from its big V8 engine and handling to take on the best European contenders. As Jeremy Clarkson said, 'This is a machine that wants to turn its tyres into smoke and go around every corner sideways. You’ve seen the film Bullitt. Well, it’s that.'

Electrifying in every way, this car does not disappoint. It's roaring sound of the V8 under the hood, you really get the idea of why people love the Mustang so much. If you are a muscle fan, then this will be the car for you. Even though you have all the creature comforts that we are now accustomed to having in our cars, make no mistake about it, this is a true Mustang, worthy of the badge and worthy of its place in the Muscle Car Hall of Fame! Take a drive and be blown away!

Vehicle Stats


Vehicle - 2016 Mustang GT V8

Power Unit - 5.0L V8

Horsepower - 435 bhp

Torque - 400 lb. -ft

0 - 60mph - 4.6 Seconds

Top Speed - 155 mph

Transmission - Automatic

Made Famous By - The car apeared in the film Transformers : The Last Knight


I had fantastic day day out at Perrenporth yesterday despite the weather. Cars were great. Instructors fantastic and helpful. The customer reps were helpful. Couldnt be better thank all look forward to another day. Cheers guys

Philip David Watkins

All 3 cars that I drove was AMAZING. GT500, roush mustang & dodge hellcat, all 3 instructors were lovely, explained about the cars very well so that I could get the most out of the experience. Would 100% come again!

Chloe Harper

What a fabulous day I had at Perranporth, three super cars including the Roush Mustang, awesome sound of the V8, a 70th birthday gift, spent driving great cars. Big thank you to the instructors who made the day so memorable, and the “Hot Lap” left me grinning for a long long time. Value for money, where else would you get to drive such awesome cars.

Derek Bridges

Wow, just wow!! Been here today for a father's day gift, drove 3 cars. •Roush Mustang •Lambo superleggera •GT500 (Mustang) What an excellent experience, instructors and all staff here are amazing, I want to go and do it again, excellent from start to finish. I do recommend the sighting lap which is £10 as you get to see the sharp corners on the track before hitting them for the first time. Some corners are very tight. My 2 sons had ago in the lambo which we payed on the day which they also loved. Definitely recommend this place. You can also get photos and videos of your drive if required. Thank you carchaseheroes for this excellent experience. Spence


I attended the track today and drove the Roush Mustang, C7 Corvette, Nissan GTR, and Camaro Bumblebee. Overall, I had a great experience, and would recommend. For my first ride in the GTR, I didn’t get enough information to get the most out of it. I haven’t driven an automatic before so I feel as though a quick 1 minute discussion regarding the gears would clear this issue up. In my second ride, the Roush Mustang, I was accompanied by Mick D. He was brilliant and very helpful. He took me through the controls so I could get the most out of my laps. He was very friendly, enthusiastic, and a credit to the business. I think the high speed passenger experience was overpriced for only one lap - two laps would be fair exchange. We got stuck behind a slow driver in the Batmobile so the traffic hindered the experience of getting thrown around by a professional driver. Adding on to this, for a couple of my laps driving the cars, I also got stuck behind the Batmobile. Cars like the Batmobile should not be allowed to race on the same track as the high speed vehicles. This unfortunately dampened my day significantly, which would’ve otherwise been perfect. Once again, thank you to all the brilliant driving supervisors.

Harry Holt

Had a brilliant time all the staff were very friendly and welcoming the support during the drives was very professional and helped me get the best out of the car knowing that I had expert guidance. The passenger ride was exhilarating very fast but felt safe. A very enjoyable day and highly recommended.

Donna Dunn

Fantastic experience at the Perranporth circuit. Team were friendly and professional and took great care of my 80 Yr old father in law who had the driving experience for his birthday. He drove the Roush Mustang, Aston Martin Vantage and the Ariel Atom. He struggled to get in and out of the Ariel Atom, but 4members of the team assisted him and were very patient and did not rush him. The man in charge especially was absolutely amazing, and took us personally round the track for the passenger experience in the Subaru. Would highly recommend to anyone.


Completed 6 laps with Ricky Johnson in the Roush Mustang. Experience was amazing, he was very calm and gave great feedback so every lap I got better and better at handling the car.

Patrick Anderson

Had a great time at the Tockwith track near York. Well organised but over all too quickly !! Drove the Speed Mustang first which was very good even though 3rd gear was a nightmare but was warned about it at the start. Moved on to the GT500 "Eleanor" which was a great experience - a proper drive with no power steering or ABS. Had only booked for 3 laps but added another 3 as was enjoying it so much. Finally the Roush Mustang GT - wow, so powerful. Had to do 6 laps as it was all over so quickly. Instructors in the cars were great - advising what line to take and when to brake and put on the power. Highly recommend even if it does feel expensive.

Kevin Ramage

we had a great experience at Tibenham instructors and staff are brilliant. Next time will have a sighting lap and m3 ride was fun. thanks to all


The Roush Mustang is an utter joy machine, I would highly recommend it to any muscle car enthusiast, it shows you how advanced the modern Muscle variants are. It handles superbly and was a complete pleasure to take around the Top Gear track for two laps. Well worth it, now I want one for myself.

Mike Gray

Mal was a great instructor.

James Bowcott

OMG.... What an experience first car was with a lovely blonde lady wearing a pink face mask (so sorry I forgot your name x) in a Roush mustang which was amazing has to be one of the best drivers at car chase heroes. Her fast driving ability was second to none made me smile from start to finish xx

Alex Mathias

Amazing experience from start to finish. Such a well organised track. Roush mustang was amazing. Big shout out to Stuart who gave us a brilliant high speed car chase . Can’t wait to go back.

Michael Morrin

Fantastic experience Bear made me feel confident in my own abilities driving the car and made the experience more enjoyable. Also lovely friendly catering staff at the food wagon.


Abingdon airfield track. Had difficulty finding the entrance to the event, ended out in a convoy of three lost cars attempting to find the correct entrance, on attempt 4 we finally found it, not the best signposting. The email with slightly better instructions arrived late the day before so missed it until after!. Also the number provided for if you got lost was not valid!?. Could maybe give a postcode for the nearby residential area just down the road?. The actual event was great, although having to pay £10 for 1 quick sighter lap seemed slightly excessive, was as standard in the package in an event I'd done at castle combe (I think with a different provider) as a safety feature partly. I was on fairly quickly for my first car, the Rouch Mustang, was ace, highly recommend, seriously quick and sounds nice. The Skyline was my other choice, waited quite a while (an hr), then noticed it had been driven off circuit (crashed) by a fellow customer! had no communication from staff, so asked, the young lad behind the desk area went and checked and was really helpful, the car had been put back out in the pit area and he checked for me on the list, sat me down to wait, waited a while for an instructor. Unfortunately the Skyline had a flat battery! so after the wait was no good anyway. So the instructor said how about the Supra, was more powerful anyway apparently, really enjoyed it, had an issue with window first lap, he gave me an extra lap to compensate which was decent. After that a quick 1 lap high speed passenger ride, was fun, but over so quick!. The same lad came and checked on me having spotted me after the lap, which was a nice touch. The instructors were all decent as well. A gd day out with a decent little track, only 4 corners, 2 fast and 2 slower, but enough room to put the pedal flat to the floor for a burst down the straights.

John Gibbs

Beautiful car, loved the driving experience on 12th Sept 2020. Driving instructor was fun and we had a laugh. Easily touches 100mph


Had a 5 car experience last Saturday for my 11 year old son Christian. Fantastic day, superbly organised (apart from the weather!). Great cars, friendly drivers who put my son at ease, and great photos/ film of the day. Well done, will do it again!

Graham Wilson

Absolutely loved the day. Brilliant driving experience also had the expert driver drive at speed. People in charge was so professional considering the bad weather. Well done to you all and thank you

Rob Hancock

A great afternoon out. Friendly and helpful instructors. Excellent cars. A experience that I would like to do again.

David Foster

Had an "experience)" yesterday at Bruntingthorpe, and it was brilliant. I drove 3 Mustangs, Roush, Speed and GT 500. I am never going to be the fastest, but managed to get quicker through the day, even overtaking a couple of times. The instructors let you go as fast as you want to without any pressure to go quicker. Well worth the cost.

Chris Whittaker

My partner was bought this by a family member for his birthday and he honestly didnt think it was his thing, until he got there, was like watching a kid at christmas. His car of choice was the mustang where he had the best drive with a guy called Dave, track is tight but enjoyable only down side was the cafe, food is poor. but a great day nether the less

lisa ternable

had an amazing day with car chase . having driven a few cars we managed to get in the mustang. Dave was my instructor who knew the car so well was able to help me around Dunsfold and improved my driving in a few laps lots further than I thought i could do. Was lucky enough to get him in the ZL1 as well, and wow thats fast thanks to an lovely day and staff were great, very well organised Laura also was great at getting us in to cars quickly. thanks everyone

johnson family

Nothing short of mind blowing!! Amazing day and already can't wait to get back behind the wheel do it all again one day. If you're a petrol head then you have to get involved with this beast.

Joe Watts

brought the whole family up both lads and my husband to drive the cars, this one was all our favorites as the instructor dave was so patient and helped us improve, really good day even though you are there a while its good to watch the cars go round, food was nice and we cant wait to go back. off to the ford showroom now to buy one...


had a great day at Abingdon and drove this car with a great instructor giving me clear and helpful guidance all through my 6 laps. got faster and more confident as the laps went on and then paid for a fast lap from the instructor, I wasn't going so fast after all....... Unbelievable drive and something i will never forget thanks Dave


Had a great experience in the Roush Mustang with brilliant instructor will definitely be booking further experiences

Stephen Charles Giles

Best day to drive my dream Mustang GT...a roush one at that!! Thank you to all staff and instructor's...back soon for another blast in the mustangl

Eddie Hannah

Purchased some laps for my birthday, the Mustang GT and Bumblebee. I highly recommend paying for the extra laps because it flies by and when you're in the car you never want to leave! The day overall was great but it took over 2 hours of standing before getting in my first car. Also, the video footage you pay £25 for is very low quality, not even 720p (cheap gopros can get 1080p or higher so really they need to upgrade). It's very hard to see what is going on in the video and they put a big logo splash over the bottom which I was hoping wouldn't be included when I bought it. So I wouldn't recommend buying the footage but other than that it's fantastic and would love to go back and try out some of their other beautiful cars. Staff were also very nice and helpful.


My husband got a 5 car movie drive as a birthday presents . What a great day we had .The car,s are amazing to watch and the noise !!!.The mustang was a raw stripped out race car and not easy to handle but a really treat to drive .


Fantastic experience driving three cars in the "car Chase Heroes" experience - RS8 / Vantage / Mustang. Really good organisation and reception by staff and instructors couldn't have been better. Be prepared to wait a while between drives - it can be quite draughty in the pit lane, so wrap up and keep warm or you'll not enjoy it so much. Having said that there's loads of activity so you're not going to be bored while you wait.

Chris Jackson

The options and experience here is fantastic. I would definitely recommend that you go, either adult or child!! It is that good my 19 year old son drove the MX5 as a Xmas prezzie & went again for his birthday in Feb. My husband has drove the truck and the new Mustang GT. He loved both and I'm sure we will go again & try some more of their vehicles. The staff are lovely too and very accommodating. My husband wasn't booked in for the Mustang but they managed to squeeze him in. As I say, if you are thinking about it for yourself or a prezzie, go for it, you'll love it ☺

Mustang GT

Drove the mustang gt and also the Shelby gt500 (Eleanor) and I must say I had a really good time and so did my son Lee. Very well organised and will be doing this again worth every penny. BRILLIANT!!

Gary Epps

We have just returned from the Abingdon racetrack. My 11yr old son had 3 laps in the Mustang GT and Audi R8. He was definitely the youngest there and it was mostly adults with just a few other children attending. He was initially quite nervous and overawed - he was unusually quiet! All of the instructors and coordinators completely put him at ease and went out of their way to look after him. I paid the extra £10 for him to do the sighting lap with 3 other drivers - the instructor insisted he took the front seat of the car rather than sit in the back with the other adults. Another one made a huge effort to make him feel welcome and told him about the instructors he would be with and encouraged him to enjoy himself and do as much as he wanted. The instructors themselves were lovely and were so patient. I would highly recommend this experience, I was very impressed with the organisation, the support staff and instructors. There was no hard sell for any of the extras - they were there if you wanted them. We came away with a fantastic photo and lots of happy memories. Thank you very much.


Had an amazing day yesterday driving a Ford Mustang and a Shelby 500. Stepped in for a sick friend thank you AMAZING DAY


A thrilling experience at Abingdon. I drove the Mustang and for a first time junior driver it was incredible how you had so much power under the press of a pedal! The instructors are incredible giving you the best advice for your driving ability. There is a bit of waiting around but time flies as you watch other people’s laps and are astonished at all of the luxurious cars that pull in to the pit. This was such a well organised and entertaining event perfect for anybody who urges to put their foot down in some tremendously powerful cars. I also had a sighting lap and was put straight in the car, with no waiting. The same thing occurred with the high speed lap which is definitely a must do! I would love to come here again and drive a different remarkable car. Definitely a must do!

Aaron Absalom

A thrilling experience at Abingdon. I drove the Mustang and for a first time junior driver it was incredible how you had so much power under the press of a pedal! The instructors are incredible giving you the best advice for your driving ability. There is a bit of waiting around but time flies as you watch other people’s laps and are astonished at all of the luxurious cars that pull in to the pit. This was such a well organised and entertaining event perfect for anybody who urges to put their foot down in some tremendously powerful cars. I also had a sighting lap and was put straight in the car, with no waiting. The same thing occurred with the high speed lap which is definitely a must do! I would love to come here again and drive a different remarkable car. Definitely a must do!

Aaron Absalom

A really enjoyable experience. There was a bit of waiting around but with all the cars right there and being able to watch peoples laps you barely notice. The instructors are fab and the cars equally so. Thoroughly enjoyable. I will be looking to book again.

Annii rowling