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The Car

Nissan Skyline, a Japanese masterpiece and every petrol heads wet dream! 

It's the four-seater coupe that monstered Germany's best around the Nürburgring. It's also the supercar that very nearly broke Jeremy Clarkson. 

The R34 seemed to give birth to the new millennium. Its computer system felt like something straight of a PlayStation gaming system. The bonnet on select editions was made from carbon fibre. It had an LCD screen which showed the driver statistics about engine performance and turbocharger pressure. Those things may seem commonplace now, but back in the 90s though, they were practically a revolution. No doubt about it, the Nissan Skyline is a classic. From its looks to its performance to its pedigree, this is one car which hasn't so much aged as matured.

Used in the Fast and Furious film franchise and it was the particular favourite of Brian O'Connor! This is a great chance to relish getting behind the wheel of a true great. 

Vehicle Stats

"Want to make a car enthusiast's eyes light up with fond memories? Simply mention the Nissan Skyline GT-R".

Vehicle - Nissan Skyline R34 GT-T

Power Unit - 2.6L  Twin Turbocharged

Horsepower - 330 bhp

Torque - 216 lb. -ft

0 - 60mph - 5.2 Seconds

Top Speed - 155 mph

Transmission - Manual

Made Famous By - The car apeared in the Fast and Furious film's, 2 Fast 2 Furious and Fast and Furious.


It was the best day in my life! :) Skyline R34 is my favourite car ever and I loved driving it! Also I had a passenger ride as well and that was amazing too. I would like to go again and I'd love to bring my mother with me. :) The team was very nice too. I would like to mention my instructor Marcus Medcalf. He is very nice and patient! Also he has lots of experience driving these cars. I would definitely recommend him to you guys and hopefully he will be my instructor again next time.


Had an absolutely amazing day with the guys and they were fantastic at their job. Very professional and would love to do it again. Drove 4 cars, 1 being the skyline R34 and fell in love. Top work guys ❤️❤️❤️

Simon Lemmon

Had a Track day as a Christmas gift from my Wife. Absolutely brilliant day in Bovington. Awful weather didn't make any difference. So well organised, all instructor drivers were top class! So friendly and helpful, also very encouraging when on the track, My 4 drives were all completed in less than 2 hours. I cannot fault it in any way. I ordered the complete package of photos and videos and they were in my inbox the next day. Just superb. Cannot wait to book the next day!

Gary Willis

If you drive just one car on your experience make it this one. 60 year old men dont often get the chance to join around in fast cars and this is a very fast car. Not only that it really sticks to the road. Best fun I've had in years. Also drove the Toyota, the General Lee ( which is a beast) and the bumblebee camaro

Mick Nelson

Well this is my favourite car and to be able to drive it was absolutely amazing. My instructor, Nick, was very cool and made me feel like i could do anything with the car. Driving the R34 was amazing and definitely i'm buying one, if the opportunity comes. Another amazing thing that happened, was going "very" fast on the straight, only to have a Lambo pass us like we were doing 60 mph... All in all a great day out as my wife and kids were there with me at Bovington. Will be back, for sure, for the 458 and the R8 V10.

vladimiro goncalves

My girlfriend got me the car experience as a birthday present. The R34 Skyline is my dream car and I always wanted to be able to drive one. As far as I am aware, Car Chase Heroes were the only company who offered this. I chose to do 4 laps in the R35 Nismo and R34 Skyline at Tockwith to compare the differences between the two... and I loved every second of it. As you will notice, most of the bad reviews are from 2017 or earlier, and more people leave bad reviews than good ones. I arrived 10 minutes early, was greeted by friendly and kind staff, who are all car people, signed my forms and was booked in to brief in under 15 minutes (there were about 30 other drivers there and this was all done efficiently on their iPad system). Getting to watch other people shoot past the track until it was my turn, the staff regularly checked in with me and other drivers, the facilities were great (toilets, coverage, food van) until I was called to the seat as the next driver. My first experience was the R35 Nismo with a chap named Morgan, who sat with me for 5 minutes having a general chat before setting off and gave me some tips for the R34 too, explaining how they were different (steering, breaks etc.). He was an amazing instructor, lets you know what gears you should be in to get the best experience and lets you plant your foot on the straights! After that, and the biggest grin, was a short wait for the R34. My instructor this time was Andy, who explained the cars characteristic’s well and made sure I was comfortable before setting off. Again, great experience. He assessed how comfortable I was with the gear changes, let me plant my foot on the straights and gave me cornering advice throughout. I would highly, highly recommend going on this experience yourself or booking it for a loved one as they will have a great time. Thanks again guys and I will be booking again!

Finley Hartsuiker

We bought an experience for our 12 year old son to drive the skyline at three sisters Wigan. This was a fantastic day out for all the family and my son had the best birthday ever (his words). He did the site lap before his actual drive, I recommend this especially for children. After my sons skyline drive we opted for the Mazda MX5 high speed ride which my son though was fantastic. Just a quick shout out to all the staff, very helpful and especially my sons driver, an Irish fellow who was brilliant with my son. All in all a great day and well worth the money.

katherine crowther

Such a great day out at Tockwith, had a day out in the DB5, GTR, Supra and Skyline :) Fantastic instructors, very understanding and chatty :) Would love to do it again ANYDAY 10 out of 10


Fantastic experience for my 10 year old daughter unfortunately the USB didnt record the experience but car chase heroes were great and let my daughter ride again and upgraded to a better car made he experience even better thank you car chase heroes

Daniel Mcmullan

My first time on a driving experience and what an excellent experience it was. Location was Norfolk gliding club even though the weather wasn’t great at times it was still worth it. I drove three cars and this was by far the best and thoroughly enjoyed it,always wanted to drive a skyline. The instructor Dave was great too had a few laughs. Would definitely go back


Went to Dunsfold on the 8th of June for my 30th birthday and drove the supra and r34 skyline, had an amazing experience the instructors were great especially Paul in the skyline and got one of the fastest laps of the day in it according to hI'm. Can't recommend these guys enough. Left me itching for more.

Nathan Gould

Drove 4 cars at Tockwith. All instructors were really good and helped me get the best I could out of the cars. Amazing day, thank you!

Sam Newitt

My son came today and drove the supra, bumblebee and the skyline, all the instructors were brilliant with him and really made his day, they put him at ease whilst also letting him feel the whole experience of the car safety thanks guys will definitely use you again

Emma mcnamara

Had an amazing day at Blyton park. Got to drive a skyline and a 34GTR , instructors in both cars was brill. Will recommended to friends and family.

Daniel Bennett

We both had an amazing time today at Abingdon race track. A huge thank you to the whole team for making it such a memorable experience! We will both definitely be back. We drove the skyline, Mustang GT & General Lee, all were fab to drive!

Jemma Storey

My sons purchased me a tripple muscle car blast &High; speed lap with pro driver. The staff were very friendly well organised &professional;.The instructors were brilliant & helped you get the best out of your experiance i have been to others and they were no where near as well arranged &enjoyable; myself &my; son had a great time i will highly recomend it to anyone & will go again.A .froud.

Andrew froud

Had a great day today was a fantastic day out, the staff was brilliant and so comforting was great experience


We booked for a muscle car day early. We had some questions as it was out first time at one of these. We contacted CCH who were super friendly in emails and on phone. All questions were answered and we were reassured. There was the same etiquette at the track...very well managed. Very quick to process each one and you feel like you are being dealt with as a person rather than in a group. The staff were amazing...really attentive and the drive itself was amazing. Seriously recommend the HSPR in the Aerial extra laps too...its the buzz of day. Highly recommended and will be back soon. Thabks guys!

Mark neylan

The overall driving experience was amazing. The instructor was very helpfull as it was my first time driving a car, the instructor also never stopped me from having fun. I never felt like I was being held back. The staff and the atmosphere was very friendly. however it was a little unorganised and i had to wait over an hour past the time that i booked, but i would definetaly return for another and recommend it to anybody wanting some fun.

Jakub Nowosielski

My wife booked myself the Fast & Furious driving experience for my Birthday, and it was amazing. Car Chase Heroes had some difficulty, we were originally booked at the Bordon track but unfortunately the track owner let Car Chase Heroes down only a week prior to our experience. Car Chase Heroes managed to rearrange it all before our experience and dealt with the issue amazingly. Driving both the Skyline & Supra was excellent and I also completed the High Speed Passenger ride which was worth it. Would highly recommend the experience and Car Chase Heroes, they have been fab.

Carl Pratt

Had an amazing day driving bumblebee and the skyline R34. First track day Iv done and it was more than I expected, the instructors were amazing and the whole format was brilliant. Will definitely be back next year to give that Shelby GT500 and that new mustang a spin round the track. Would recommend to anyone.

Matt Murphy