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Ferdinand Porsche founded the company back in 1931 with their main offices in Stuttgart. The company that has given us the mighty '911' and continues to do so, one of the most influential and satisfying sports cars ever made. The Porsche Boxster was the car that saved Stuttgart. Near bankruptcy in the early 1990s, Porsche hit upon the idea of creating a cheap sports car, one that would use the front end of the then-new 911 (the 996).

I have a sneaking suspicion that Porsche is now the only car maker left that’s still motivated by the same things that motivated the Italian car companies of yore. There is no Porsche economy-box. The 911 still puts its horsepower at the back. And when the firm did finally follow fashion and build a 4x4, it gave it a sodding great turbo. Porsches do not sound like other cars. And they do not drive like other cars. They drive . . . how can I put this? Better.

Here is the great chance to drive our Porsche Boxster Martini Racing race car, with its 3.4L Flat 6, it's fast and fun all at the same time.


Vehicle Stats

"Fast, cool and effective. It has stood the test of time and saved one of the worlds biggest brands from going into liquidation. Need I say more?!"... 

Vehicle - Porsche Boxter S

Power Unit - 3.8L Flat 6

Horsepower - 386 bhp

Torque - 347 lb. -ft

0 - 60mph - 5.1 Seconds

Top Speed - 164 mph

Transmission - Manual




A fantastic experience at Stoneleigh Park 24th June. My 12 year old Son very patiently waiting 6 months to get behind the wheel of the Boxster S and it certainly didn't disappoint. He had a sighting lap and a hot lap in a BMW 330i and 6 miles of fun in the Boxster. Slick and professional set-up, great team, great selection of cars (he fancies a McLaren drive next time) and a lovely venue. Waiting times were incredibly short and the whole experience was completed in 1.5 hours which meant we then had time to visit nearby Stratford-Upon-Avon before returning to South Wales. Excellent 'boys' day out. Highly recommend and I might be tempted to try something next time too. Great work guys. You made my Son very happy with the 'package' of the experience.

Andrew Dear

This was booked for my son sheldon, we wasn't sure what to expect and we booked the one local to us in Stoneleigh. My son had an amazing experience. He loved it, I never expected the memory card of my sons driving and interior footage it was really lovely to witness. Just seeing the pure excitement and happiness while driving was worth it and also the instructor was so lovely giving his confidence boost and being laid back he was amazing but unfortunately we never got his name but he was great. We will definitely be booking again. 10/10 experience

Laura bond

My son loved his driving experience!


My son loved his driving experience!


Awesome day at Perranporth spitfire race circuit with Car Chase Heroes Such a good company, great friendly staff and a well run day. 13 year old Zachs first time ever driving any car and he does it in a Porshe boxster race car! Then he drives a super fast subaru impretza and did sooooo well. Both instructors said he did great and gave him two 80 percent marks. Finally due to an issue with the hot lap BMW while we were in it they gave us an upgrade and zach declined but I got two laps in the aeriel atom with a race driver, wow! What a rush, proper scary! Was tempted to treat myself to a go in one of my dream cars the dodge hellcat and regretting that a bit now.

David Rixon

My son had a great day today but I want to say an extra special thanks to John Prout who took him out in the porche and let him do an extra lap and then taking time to talk to us. Thanks you made my son very happy

Laura macgowan

Went to Tockwith with Rob B being my driving instructor and was the nicest person ever.. made my experience so much better! Definitely recommend!!

Jaimaa Parmar

Absolutely fantastic day at Tibbenham. The organisation and value for money was second to none. I cannot praise this enough ... gave our grandson a 12th birthday he will never forget.

Dino Koutsoudes

Brought by grandparents for a 10 year olds birthday present in December and he waited til August to do it. What an amazing day for him, his instructor was fantastic and very calm and the high speed drive left him grinning for the rest of the day. All the staff were great and the man on the entry queue left his customers to speak to him and find out how it went which made him feel even happier. An unforgettable experience, thank you all.


Absolutely fabulous day, professionalism by all staff and couldn’t recommend this day enough. My nephew had a junior car day experience which he loved so much. On arrival we paid a further £10 for a sighting lap, which a team member drove my nephew in a BMW to have a look at the track he was driving on and he explained what he had to do which was beneficial as my nephew had more track time and didn’t have to figure out where is he was meant to go or what he was meant to be doing .(which I definitely recommend) One very happy 11 year Old little boy and will definitely be booking again. What an incredible gift for a car enthusiast little boy with the most fabulous photos. He even offered to drive home. £25 charge on the day for a damage wavier and this includes adults also. Which I believe is a fair amount to pay as this includes not only the vehicle you drive but any car you could possibly hit on the track. £45 we paid for all photos and videos and my nephew got a lanyard, which again were incredible and very professional photos. Honestly couldn’t recommend enough considering we drove an hour and a half away to be there for the day.

Hannah frampton

Great experience in a very fast car with really helpful staff and instructors to make the most out of it. Everyone was professional and were making every effort to get you into your selected cars as soon as they could. Special mention to Toni or 'T' who was my instructor in the Porsche. Really friendly with great advice which made it much more enjoyable.

Zach Jenkinson

What a brilliant day at Blyton Park .from booking in to driving my choice of cars. Every car was really good to drive and the advice and instruction was perfect. SKYLINE good to drive GT40 exciting ASTON MARTIN lovely car My thanks especially to Toni {instructor in the Porsche} she gave me excellent advice and really made the day memorable. I would really recommend a visit to Car Chase Heroes

john cooper

Toni (T) was a great instructor, gave you so much confidence to drive the car as it should be driven. Loved the experience day and the Porsche was the highlight surprisingly for me


Had a wonderful experience at Blyton today - excellent in car tuition from Toni in the Porsche made the drive all more rewarding


Despite the complications of buying for Lydden race circuit but having to go to Dunsfold due a change in the rules my Child had the best time ever. There were lots of extra cost I hadn’t expected when buying through ‘buy a gift’ but it was worth every extra penny, The photos and video are great. This is an experience he wont ever forget. Thank you. Brilliant!!


Wow just wow The team are amazing and make an awesome day awesome !! I took my son for his 10th Birthday to drive Lightning he also ended up driving Bumble bee and a supra

Emma Parkman

I booked a passenger ride in Lightening Mc Queen for a 14 year old with special needs. He absolutely loved the experience and the staff were fantastic - right from my initial enquiry through to the ride.

Melanie Russell

I had an amazing drive at tockwith the staff and instructor was really friendly I had a awesome time


Brought for my daughter(age 12), she had an excellent time. Great staff. Also brought speed laps, fantastic.

Tracey urwin

My son loves this car!!! I have left a previous recent review listed under mustang GT. I mentioned my son in the lightning mc queen car but did type he was 19 yrs old by mistake, he is 10 years old.....fat fingers lol. Since we went my son is asking for another go in 'his mazda' so all I can say is it must have been good if he wants a third go. Since my husband has done the truck and GT it looks like I'm going to have to choose another of their great cars!!! Thanks for the fab days we have had with you...☺


Amazing & Awesome Experience ... really enjoyed having our 1st ever driving experience in Lightening McQueen ...! Friendly instructor and well organised day ... we will always remember our 13th Birthday "I am speed" experience .. R & G

Regan & George

Absolutely fantastic experience ! Our 11 year old son loved it ! The staff are all amazing and the driving instructors are too ! Just a brilliant time was had by all ! Special thanks to Michelle on staff and Chris the instructor today ! 29/10/16

James Gritt

My two boys drove Lightning McQueen at Abingdon, and were thrilled beyond measure at the whole experience. From start to finish this was a great time for all, and I would totally recommend to anyone. The instructor was very good and really friendly. He ensured that the boys knew what to do, and allowed them to maximise their enjoyment. At ages 15 & 13, it was their first driving experience, and they loved it.

Ralph Dadswell

We attended on Sunday and it was fantastic!!! My son was very very nervous as he is not a confident child but your instructors were amazing and he came out of the car with a massive grin on his face and his confidence boosted by 10000%!! He has dutifully taken his official photo into school to show his teacher today Again many many thanks for a wonderful experience.... we will be back !

Emma Cummins