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The Car

Peterbilt was founded in 1939, producing American trucks. This, the 379, was Peterbilt's flagship truck from 1987 until the 2007 model year, maintaining the nameplate's signature long-nose styling.

When it came to create the first live-action "Transformers" movie, the most important characterization was certainly that of 'Optimus Prime'. An entire team of artists and illustrators worked tirelessly, drawing potential trucks and cars, trying to zero in on just the right look for each robot/vehicle. When the film's production designer showed Michael Bay a photo of the enormous tractor trailer, the director was immediately taken by the lines and size of the truck, even though he know he would face intense criticism for his choice, in the same way he did for selecting a GM Camaro in place of the original VW Beetle that was known as the beloved robot Bumblebee. Both of Bay's picks ended up enthralling new audiences as well as diehard fans of the sci-fi series. The more aggressive truck, was also used as Bay's tip-of-the-hat to Steven Spielberg's 1971 film, "Duel." 

Our Optimus Prime truck driving sessions give you the chance to take a 600bhp, 18-gear Peterbilt 379 for a spin around your choice locations from several around the UK. With a typical Transformers-style war cry of ‘Charge!’ it’s time for you to lead the next Autobot offensive at the wheel of this American beauty. 

Vehicle Stats

Vehicle - Peterbilt 379

Power Unit - 14.6L

Horsepower - 550 bhp

Torque - 1850 Ib. -ft

Transmission - LHD Manual


Made Famous By - Was one of the star's of the 'Transformers' movie franchise.


Having received a driving experience of 4 vehicles as a milestone birthday gift i was disappointed upon arrival to be told that the unique selling point of driving ‘Optimus Prime’ was not possible on the afternoon of my event. Being an 80’s child, having the opportunity to control the mighty beast was a childhood dream but not to be. The Shelby Cobra was a ‘meet your hero’ moment, my expectation being met with a smile, the sound, power and performance as I had imagined, a little spoiled by the fact that the had no windshield, having to wear bargain bucket plastic goggles as eye protection during the laps. Also having to run the whole time in 4th seemed like a undisclosed problem. The Ford GT40 was good, fast, loud, uncompromising and brutal, again though an issue with the car, experiencing an ‘over throttle’ issue so 3/4 throttle was max power, shame. Ariel Atom 2 was good fun, quick and nimble but with no working speedometer difficult to judge speeds achieved. Lastly the substitute car for the lack of Truck, the McLaren 650s, so easy to drive fast with the paddle transmission, very gripping, very poised, powerful and exciting with added embarrassment of undignified entry and exit through unfamiliar door openings. Overall a good afternoon of fuel filled fun, the shine taken off my a few minor things but overall a satisfying experience. Thank you


Just had a great time driving the American truck, Danny the instructor was really good and put me at ease as I was abit nervous because of the size of the truckas the biggest vehicle I'd driven was a mini,thanks Danny

Tyler Lees

Where do I start! I was bought the optimus truck experience, as birthday gift from work and didn't really know what to expect. I attended Tibenham on Saturday 12th September and had a great time. Malcolm was so friendly and a great instructor the experience was absolutely fabulous! Whilst I was there I decided to do a passenger lap in the atom... BLINKING AMAZING! Sam was driving and joked about using the lap as warm up for his race the next day. Did not disappoint! I also wanted to shout out a couple of young ladies but I can't remember their names, but once again they were great, they helped make the day!

Kayt Ormston

I’ll start with the bad. I was bought an Optimus experience for christmas (Peterbilt truck experience). Upon booking I was told I would need to pay £25 extra insurance waiver. Having buses coaches and trucks for 10 years I didn’t think it would be necessary however if you don’t pay the waiver you need to leave them a £5000 deposit which will be refunded to your card up to 10days later unfortunately I forgot my credit card so I had to opt for this option. The next issue was no where did it say we wouldn’t be driving on the main track instead going at a slower pace round a much shorter circuit barely getting up to 30 mph! Now remember I said about the insurance waiver? An experienced driver of big vehicle really does not need extra insurance in this instance! Now for the good the instructor was top notch and as being an experienced we got to put the truck to a good pace based on the size of the circuit. He made sure to demonstrate all the features of the vehicle including the Jake brake and air horn. I would say to get the extra time as by the time you got warmed is time to finish. Despite what their video sais you can’t just get extra time as there are other drivers waiting for the vehicle as soon as you get out. They do however allow you chance to get pics with the vehicle. Overall it was a fun experience but they need to be more honest about the experience.

Mark Graves

I was given this driving experience for Christmas from my partner and I had the best day ever I had a ride in the dodge hellcat and was absolutely amazing I also got to drive bumblebee amazing again and was also in optimus all the staff were brilliant and very helpful as I’m disabled there was someone on had to help all around can not thank them all enough for a fantastic day from start to finish xx

Hayley surr

WOW!!!! My cheeks still hurt from being a passenger in this truck while my mother drove the truck as a Christmas gift. Adrian at the Dunsfold circuit today, was a highlight, he was patient and encouraged, and helped XD, my mother put her foot down to get the most out of her experience. I would recommend this to everyone!


brilliant experience very good instructor(Aidey) friendly staff - the only criticism is that staff overnighthad booked extra people in for the optimus drive- we had booked this in April and booked a 2.30 slot which we fully expected to drive at that time which is incorrect as there were extra people queueing up for the same experience we understand it does clarify you need 3 hours for your experience but it doesn't tell you this is because there are extra people being squeezed in so don't expect to drive your vehicle at your booking time as it was after 4pm when we eventually got to drive the Optimus.

peter braund

Absolutely amazing experience. Really well organised, good facilities on site and all of the staff were incredibly friendly which added to the experience. I would highly recommend!!!


We booked Optimus truck for my brothers birthday. On the day everything went very well with little delay between the truck driving and the Dodge Hellcat which we added on the day. Instructors were all brilliant and track staff great. All friendly and offered good advice. A mention for "Dobby" who booked us in and suggested the Hellcat - he is a great asset to the team. Also Dan the Optimus instructor and the others at the truck driving. Prices to add extras on the day were reasonable. On the whole a fabulous day.


Bought this for hubby's Christmas present. Went to Bovington April 7th. What an experience. He absolutely loved every minute. The instructor, sorry I didn't get his name, was brilliant and kept trying to make things more difficult for him. He is a truck driver by profession but this was something else. All of the staff were amazing, friendly helpful and happy, even down to the lad in the car park. Full marks to each and every one of you. So well organised. Will definitely use Car Chase Heroes again and recommend to friends and family.

Alison Nichols

I had the extreme pleasure in going to bovington camp wareham on Saturday 6th April to drive Optimus prime one of my dreams for many years to drive a big rig . My compliments to Dobbie my instructor who made the whole experience superb he was so kind ,patient and helpful it was really special . Also to a lady called angie who drove us down and back from Optimus she looked after us so well and was such fun . Sadly the video link didn’t work but I managed to get a few pictures. Thank you everyone. Can’t wait to have another go x

Sara jordan

I had a awesome time driving this truck today. Ben was ace and a great instructor. I recommend this to anyone who likes trucks or just fancies ago. Thank you Ben, oh the horn is AMAZING.


An absolutely fantastic morning from start to finish. Dobby was brilliant as instructor in Optimus. Good banter with just the right amount of input on driving. Whole event well organised with all staff pleasant and very helpful and friendly. Highly recommend if you want a fun experience.

Colin Taylor

An absolutely fantastic morning from start to finish. Dobby was brilliant as instructor in Optimus. Good banter with just the right amount of input on driving. Whole event well organised with all staff pleasant and very helpful and friendly. Highly recommend if you want a fun experience.

Colin Taylor

Great experience driving a real classic Yankee truck . "Dobby" the instructor was knowledgeable and a great personality- I will return - many thanks

Paul Roberts

Great day really enjoyed the experience dobby was a good instructor and a good laugh had fun thanks car Chase heroes

Wayne h

Had a fantastic day driving optimus prime at Dunsfold , Dobby was great fun and a fantastic instructor . I have never driven an hgv before and he completely put me at ease with his calm manor and made it a fantastic day out , girls its a must if you ever wanted to be a trucker like me

kate Stansfield

Bit apprehensive at first, as seemed to be loads of people just waiting around, however staff were all great. Dobby, the instructor was brilliant, and the drivers who took my 8 and 10yr old boys out for an Atom hot lap are now heroes in their eyes! Loads of smiles! Thank you!

Andy G

Great experience, with a fellow Welshman as instructor

Peter Davies

My sons bought this experience for a birthday present for me as I have wanted to drive one of these huge American trucks for years. I was very nervous as I normally drive an i30 automatic but so excited too. I was worried I wouldn't ba able to manage the gears and get the beast moving but I needn't have. The instructor was so calm, clear and friendly, he put me at ease straight away (even when I occasionally crunched the gears!) and I had the best time ever. My son was also able to sit in the back of the truck so got to share the fun. I did buy the additional 20 minutes and so glad I did as the time just flew by. I loved every minute of it and wouldn't hesitate to recommend the driving experience to anyone. I have asked my boys for this again next birthday!


I purchased the optimus prime driving experience for my husband. It was a lovely sunny day. It was quick and easy to sign into the event with the friendly staff.He really enjoyed his experience. the downside was that because we had our daughter with us who is a 1year old in a pushchair, we could not watch him do his driving experience obviously missing out on taking any photos. we were advised there was a spectator area (which there was, for the car driving) the hgv & American truck were a lot further away (out of sight in fact), no-one told us small children couldn't be transported to the truck driving area. so I would recommend leaving little ones at home.


I booked a drive of the American truck. Great experience !! Really Recommend this experience