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Ferrari 458 Italia

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Ferrari. The most powerful brand in the world, synonymous with speed, luxury and wealth. For me, when you say Ferrari, I think of some of the most beautiful cars ever designed, by legends like Sergio Scaglietti and Pininfarina, cars like the 250 GTO, 250 GT California and the 288 GTO to name just a few.

 In recent times Ferrari have lacked slightly with the 360 Modena and the F430 but it is the 458 Italia that's turned things around and it really is one of the finest cars ever built. The sheer handling, smooth riding, savegley fast master piece, hits 60mph in just 3.3 seconds from that wonderfully sounding V8 and that is partly to do with zero shift time from the double clutch, paddle shift gear box, with no power loss to the rear wheels.

The 458 is beautiful beyond belief, with it's fine lines, arguably it is comparable to Helen of Troy! This is for sure one of the all time greats. The very last naturally aspirated V8 that Ferrari will ever produce, it is arguably Ferraris greatest achievment and an experience that will stay with you forever.

Vehicle Stats

"Designed by Michelangelo, engineered by Da Vinci. It truly is a masterpiece."

Vehicle - Ferrari 458 Italia

Power Unit - 4.5L V8

Horsepower - 562 bhp 

Torque -398 lb. -ft

0 - 60mph - 3.3 Seconds

Top Speed - 202 mph

Made Famous By - Mirage (aka Dino) was a character in Transformers : Dark of The Moon


I have had the experience of a lifetime at car Car Chase Heroes. I have have COPD and as soon as the great people there realised I had an oxygen machine with me I seemed to get preferential treatment. I am used to driving and riding powerful machines, but that Ferrari 458 Italia was awesome. Thank you so much to everyone involved

Frank Robinson

Fabulous machine to drive with a really brilliant instructor. Oodles of fun I can see why people rave about this car. Loads of power which can be poured onto the track to bring a large grin to the face.

Barry Mellish