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NAEC Stoneleigh (Adventure Circuit)

NAEC Stoneleigh
Stoneleigh Park

The Car Chase Heroes Adventure is not your everyday Driving Experience... You will be taken on an exciting journey through various terrains on a 3-6 mile circuit that is set to challenge drivers of every skill level! Perfect for families and friends, these events are all about having fun whilst driving your dream cars!

NAEC Stoneleigh is a maze of roads and tracks amongst woodland and large buildings, creating the perfect driving playground! Adventures are also available at our Caerwent location in Wales.

Upcoming Events!

Date Event Starts  
15th Mar '19 Friday 15th March 2019 08:30 more details
16th Mar '19 Saturday 16th March 2019 08:30 more details
17th Mar '19 Sunday 17th March 2019 08:30 more details