From £149
Perranporth, Cornwall
3 miles (default)
14th Apr '23

A truck experience refers to 20 minutes driving time.

Sighting Lap

The Car

Ever wondered what it's like to drive a truck? Well here's your chance! Drive Blendini's own transporter in a driving experience like no other. With slalom and reverse parking challenges, a day in our truck is the perfect day out for those with a competitive nature. 

Vehicle Stats

Trucking! This is your chance to experience taking control of a 45 foot race car transporter and attempt to navigate around our specially designed course including a slalom and reverse parking challenges!! Ever wondered 'how hard can it be?...' Now is your chance to find out!!..

Truck experiences are availabe on the same dates as our car experiences, please see the calendar page. 

Transmission - Automatic

*pictures are for show only, we cannot guarantee which truck you will drive on the day.


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