Mustang GT350

From £49
Farnborough, Hampshire (ADVENTURE CIRCUIT)
3 miles (default)
11th Feb '24

Sighting Lap

The Car

When people talk about American muscle cars, this is exactly what they mean! As exhilerating as it is iconic, the 1965 Ford Mustang is still one hell of a ride. With driving experience packages from just £59.00, we don't think you need any further invitation - book now to drive one of the greatest cars ever built.

Vehicle Stats

Probably the most iconic American Muscle car of all time, the Ford Mustang is known and loved all over the World. Our 1965 Mustang Race car has a big, powerful V8 engine, race car suspension and uprated brakes. Imported from America, it competed in the 2014 Silverstone Classic and became the fastest Mustang in Europe!! Now is your chance to experience what driving one of these amazing race cars is like.

Transmission - LHD Manual

Watch the video of our car racing at Silverstone and then book your drive in it!


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