From £49
3 miles (default)
11th Aug '18

Extra 3 miles

Sighting Lap

The Car

One of our Fast and the Furious sisters, the Toyota Supra Turbo is a speed demons dream. Resposible for some of the best car chase scenes ever, the Supra driving experience is the perfect day for anyone who fancies themself as a racer. With packages from £49.00, the turbo-charged Supra is not one to be missed.

Vehicle Stats

Our Toyota Supra Turbo is just like Brian's from the Fast and Furious films. A Japanese Supercar with amazing performance from it's turbo charged engine and well set-up chassis. This is your chance to drive the on screen hero and experience the 400+BHP boost. Drive 3 laps with our expert instructors showing you the best way around our tracks.


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