Camaro SS

From £49
Three Sisters Circuit, Wigan
3 miles (default)
29th Jul '23

Extra 3 miles

Sighting Lap

The Car

Camaro SS – The Chevrolet Camaro SS is an iconic American Muscle car, seen in plenty of on-screen action over the years, possibly most famously in the Fast and Furious films. Our 1969 SS has a crazy 580 bhp from its 8 litre big block V8 engine, adjustable air suspension and wide custom wheels. It won’t break any lap records but its straight-line performance is staggering and it is a brilliant driving experience that you will never forget...

Vehicle Stats

Let rip in the 1969 Camaro SS, the very definition of all-American Muscle. Feel the wind through your hair as you put your foot to the floor and enjoy one of the greatest driving experiences out there! 

Transmission - LHD Automatic


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